【2014年4月14日】 福島市 花見山公園 へ (Apr. 14, 2014: Hanamiyama Park at Fukushima City, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、有名な、福島市 の 花見山公園 に出かけました。電車でJR福島駅まで行き、シャトルバスの 花見山号 で、入口まで行きます。文句無しの花見でした。
Today I visited famous Hanamiyama Park at Fukushima City. I traveled by train to JR Fukushima Station and then took the Hanamiyama Shuttle Bus to the entrance. It was a splendid flower viewing travel.

The location and the actual route from Fukushima Station were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)
20140414花見山 (560x419)

花見山公園 は、この時期、桜 をはじめ、梅 や もも など百花繚乱し、山の上からの景色も良いので、全国に有名です。
Hanamiyama Park had all kinds of trees and flowers including cherry trees, plum trees, and peach trees, and all those flowers bloom one after another at spring. Moreover one can view those flowers over the hill with beautiful Azuma Mountain Range in the background.

P4142411 (560x420)
JR福島駅からのシャトルバス 花見山号 です。(往復500円です。これ以外の入場料などは、無いです。)
Above photo shows Hanamiyama Shuttle Bus from JR Fukushima Station to Hanamiyama and back. (The fee was 500 yen and no other charge for entrance.) I planned to take the first shuttle bus at 9:00 am, and I was there at 8:30. But the bus started as soon as it was occupied by passengers so that I arrived at the park before 9:00. The bus stopped at the location of red asterisk 1 in the map.

P4142307 (560x420)
歩き始めて、すぐに、写真のすばらしい光景に出会います。場所は、地図の☆2です。 ( 花見山 2014/4/14)
Soon after I started walking in the park I met with a spectacle view shown above. The location was red asterisk 2 in the map.

P4142320 (560x420)
( 花見山 吾妻小富士 2014/4/14)
Next I kept walking along the Hananotani course which meant flower valley course and found the best view spot. I could see cherry blossoms spread across the valley with Mt. Azumakofuji and Azuma Mountain Range in the background. The location was red asterisk 3 in the map.

P4142355 (560x420)
一旦戻り、またまたすばらしい光景が広がります。場所は、地図の☆4です。( 花見山 2014/4/14)
文句無し 福が満開 花見山
I turned back for a while and then took another course and met with another splendid view. The location was red asterisk 4 in the map.

P4142373 (560x420)

P4142397 (560x420)

P4142372 (560x420)
頂上への 60分コース の途中の光景です。平日にもかかわらず、人もたくさんいます。場所は、地図の☆5です。
( 花見山 2014/4/14)
花見山 あかしろきいろ 咲き乱れ おいでおいでと 人を招けり
Above photos show the views walking along the 60 minutes course to the hilltop. There were many visitors in spite of weekday today. The location was red asterisk 5 in the map.

P4142391 (560x420)
( 花見山 吾妻小富士 2014/4/14)
風も無く 吾妻小富士も 晴れ渡り 満開の桜 雪うさぎ呼ぶ
From the hilltop I could see again Mt. Azumakofuji (left from center) surrounded by cherry blossoms. I could find a snow rabbit on the mountain side. The location was red asterisk 6 in the map.



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