【2012年9月18日】 大内宿 、 塔のへつり 、そして 湯野上温泉 へ( Sept. 18, 2012: To Ouchi-juku, Tounohetsuri, and finally to Yunokami Onsen )

二岐温泉 から下り、国道118号と121号で、 湯野上温泉 へ。途中、塔のへつり と、 大内宿 に寄る。二岐温泉 からの下りのあと、標高650mにある 大内宿 への往復10kmのアップダウンでした。
Today, I descended from Futamata Hot Spring and by Route 118 and 121 went towards Yunokami Onsen. On the way, I also visited “Tounohetsuri”, and “Ouchi-juku”. After the downhill from Futamata Hot Spring, there was 10km hill climb and downhill to and from Ouchi-juku.

20120918二岐温泉湯野上温泉GPS (560x360)

P9181332 (560x420)

P9181335 (560x420)

P9181336 (560x420)
On the Route 118, I went down along the river. Three pictures are shown. The first one was Semi Tunnel which was about 1km long, but had no side lane for bike and I had to take best care of safe pedaling. After the Tunnel, I could enjoy pedaling through the views such as the next two pictures.

P9181342 (560x420)
国道121号に入り、南に少し行くと、写真の 湯野上温泉駅 があります。会津鉄道 の駅で、日本で唯一の 茅葺き の駅です。
After entering the Route 121, and going south for a while, I found Yunokami-Onsen Station shown in the picture above. This was the railway station of Aizu Railway, and it was the only Station house which had thatched roof in Japan.

P9181353 (560x420)

P9181358 (560x420)
更に南に少し行くと、国の天然記念物の「 塔のへつり 」がある。写真の案内板の右を下ると、川の浸食によりできた奇岩・絶壁が現れます。
I went south furthermore, and found “Tounohetsuri” which was designated as National Natural Monument. The first picture was the entrance sign, and going down from here, I could find the several strangely shaped walls of rocks standing on the river as shown in the next picture. These walls of rocks were the products of river eating away the huge rocks.

P9181349 (560x420)
塔のへつり のすぐ手前に、写真の「 下郷町物産館 」が国道121号脇にあります、ここのざるそばが、下郷の地粉の手打ちそばで実においしいでした。
Just before the “Tounohetsuri” above, there was the “Shops for Shimogo Town products” beside the Route 121 as shown in the picture above. The zaru soba made from Shimogo Town buckwheat was being served here, which was extremely delicious for me.

P9181366 (560x420)

P9181370 (560x420)
最後に 大内宿 に行きました。ここは、標高の高い場所にある江戸時代の宿場町の姿が残っており、国指定の保存地区になっています。現地に入ると、写真のような別世界が現れます。訪れる価値が非常に高いと思いました。
Finally, I visited “Ouchi-juku”. This was an old post town of Edo Era still existing as it was, in the high altitude plain, and this area was registered National Important Preservation District. When I entered the area, I really felt as if I had entered the completely different world as shown in the two pictures above. I believe this is an extremely valuable place to visit for many people.

P9181346 (560x420)
今夜の宿は、写真の 民宿 ひらのや 。源泉が高温のため加水してありましたが、かけ流しで、湯野上温泉の品質を十分に味わえました。自転車は、玄関内のスペースに有難く安全に置かせてもらえました。
Tonight, I stayed at personal lodge called “Hiranoya” shown in the picture above. Since the natural hot spring was very hot, some water was being added to the bath, but still I could enjoy the high quality of Yunokami Onsen here. They kindly recommended keeping my bike inside the house safely.



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