【2012年10月15日】 古町温泉 から 木賊温泉 へ( Oct. 15, 2012: To Furumachi Onsen and then to Tokusa Onsen )

本日は、湯の花温泉 から 古町 地区に寄ったあと 木賊温泉 へ。途中から小雨になりました。
Today, after I left Yunohana Onsen, I first visited Furumachi area and then went to Tokusa Onsen. On the halfway, it started to rain.

20121015湯の花温泉古町木賊温泉GPS (560x336)

PA151656 (560x420)

PA151654 (560x420)
南会津町 の 古町 地区を訪ねました。上の写真は、ここにある福島県の天然記念物の 古町の大イチョウ 。 伊南小学校 の校庭にあります。 ふくしま緑の百景 の1つ。樹齢800年の見事な大きさです。
I visited Furumachi area of Minami-Aizu Town. The picture above shows the huge ginkgo tree there which had been designated as natural monument of Fukushima Pref. It stood in the ground of Ina Primary School. It had also been selected as the best 100 green of Fukushima.

PA151651 (560x420)
そのあと、本日は野趣あふれる温泉2箇所に立ち寄りました。最初が、写真の 古町温泉 赤岩荘 です。無色透明な塩化物泉ですが、露天風呂で空気にさらされると、茶褐色に変わる。塩味で独特のにおいもします。53℃の源泉がそのままかけ流されていて、自然そのものでした。
Then, I visited two of the wild Hot Springs. The first one was Akaiwasou of Furumachi Onsen as shown in the picture above. It was chloride spring which had no color and was transparent; however, the color changed into reddish brown once it was exposed to the air. It tasted salty and had unique smell. The natural hot spring of 53 degrees Celsius flowed into the bath as it was, and the bath was wild itself.

PA151661 (560x420)

PA151662 (560x420)

PA151665 (560x420)
次に、木賊温泉 の 岩風呂 です。 木賊温泉 の 共同浴場 であり、最初の写真の入口から下の西根川の縁まで下り、次の写真の小屋の中にあります。ここは、硫黄泉が岩風呂の下から自噴していて、温度も熱めでちょうど良く、新鮮そのものです。
なお、2011年3月の地震では、この岩風呂は無事でしたが、近くの旅館が使っていた源泉が現在調子が悪い。例えば、3枚目の写真は、日本秘湯を守る会 の 井筒屋旅館 ですが、ここの自噴風呂は現在営業できていなく、回復するまで待ちの状態とのことでした。
Next, I visited rock bath of Tokusa Onsen. It was the public bath of Tokusa area. The first picture shows the entrance, and when you go down to the Nishine River, then you will see the small bath hut as shown in the second picture. Here, a sulfur spring was pouring out from beneath the rock naturally, and the temperature was best high, thus the bath was fresh itself and comfortable.
The two hot springs above both had very natural and fresh characteristics which you will be difficult to find by staying at usual hot spring inns, therefor I recommend these strongly to hot spring fans.
With regard to the earthquake disaster of March 2011, although this rock bath was safe, some springs which were being used by nearby inns had been damaged. For example, Izutsuya Inn which was the member of the Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns and shown in the third picture, still could not recover its self-pouring bath and was still waiting for the time.

PA151669 (560x420)
本日の宿は、写真の民宿 福本屋 。ここも、温泉は持っていますが、上記とは別の ニュー木賊温泉 です。
Today I stayed at a personal inn called Fukumotoya as shown in the picture above. This inn also had its own bath; however, it was called the New Tokusa Onsen which was different from the original one.



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