【2012年10月16日】 桧枝岐村 へ( Oct. 16, 2012: To Hinoemata Village )

本日は、木賊温泉 から 桧枝岐温泉 へ。木賊 から下りたあとは、国道352号 一本です。
Today, I left Tokusa Onsen and pedaled towards Hinoemata Onsen. After the downhill from Tokusa area, the route was Route 352 only.

">20121016木賊温泉桧枝岐温泉GPS (560x348)

PA161673 (560x420)
途中の様子を紹介します。まず、南会津町 にある 大桃の舞台 。これは、国指定の重要有形民俗文化財であり、昔この地区での芝居の上演に使用された。
Some views are shown on the way. The first scene was an old Omomo Stage which was located in Minami-Aizu Town. This had been designated as National Significant Tangible Folk Cultural Properties which had been used as a stage for play in old times.

PA161677 (560x420)
次は、同じく南会津町大桃地区にある 屏風岩 。ここは、紅葉の名所だが、まだ一週間早いです。
Then, the next scene was Byobuiwa which was also located in the Omomo area of Minamiaizu Town. This was the scenery spot for autumn red; however, it was about a week earlier today.

PA161692 (560x420)
This was another scene at a little further ahead.

PA161702 (560x420)

PA161701 (560x420)

PA161699 (560x420)
次に、桧枝岐村 に入り、歴史民俗資料館 を訪ねました。最初の写真の建屋の中に、次の2つの写真のような展示があります。雪深いこの地区の昔の狩猟の姿や、数少ない楽しみの1つであった 歌舞伎 です。
Next, I was in Hinoemata Village and I first visited the Museum for the Hinoemata History and Folk. The first picture shows the building, and the second and third pictures show examples of the display. These were the old hunting style in the very deep snow, and Kabuki play which had been an important fun of the people in old times.

PA161707 (560x420)

PA161713 (560x420)
そこからすぐの所にある 六地蔵 。この地区は、標高が高く米が作れない。凶作の年に死んだ子供を供養した。また、米の代わりにそばの栽培がされており、そば粉100%の 裁ちそば は 桧枝岐 の名産であり、次の写真のようなそば処がある。今の季節は、新そばが食べられます。
The first picture shows Rokujizou which means six guardian deities of children. People could not raise rice due to the high altitude in this Hinoemata district. They had build these for the memorial of dead children in the past bad harvest year. They had used to raise buckwheat instead, and today their product called Tachisoba which was made from 100% buckwheat was famous, and there were many soba restraurants as shown in the next picture. In this month they served soba fresh from the field.

PA161722 (560x420)

PA161726 (560x420)
村中心部にある 中土合公園 から、500m徒歩で登ったところに 展望台 があります。ここからの景色を2枚。最初が、桧枝岐村 の市街地の全景。次が、高さ2356mの尾瀬の 燧ケ岳 を望んだ写真。
There was a viewing place where you can get to by climbing the mountain 500m on foot from Nakadoai Park near the center of the Village. Two pictures are shown taken from here. The first one shows a view of the town area of the Hinoemata Village. The second one shows Mt. Hiuchigadake of Oze which is 2356m high.

PA161729 (560x420)

PA161735 (560x420)
その少し先に、写真の ミニ尾瀬公園 があり、その中で、尾瀬の写真が展示されています。次の写真が、その展示の一例で、他にも四季の写真が多数あり、見る価値が高いと思いました。
A little further from there, there was Mini-Oze Park shown in the first picture. In the park they had display area of pictures of nature in Oze. The next picture shows an example of the display room. They had many beautiful pictures of Oze taken in four seasons. I believe it is very useful to visit here.

PA161712 (560x420)

PA161738 (560x420)
本日の宿は、写真の かぎや旅館 。日本秘湯を守る会 の宿であり、築50年の趣ある建屋です。次の写真にある、全て 古代檜 で作られた浴槽が特徴で、入ると落ち着きます。
Today I stayed at Kagiya Inn as shown in the picture above. This inn was the member of the Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns, and had a good and old house. It had a nice bath made of an ancient hinoki trees as shown in the second picture, and this was really comfortable.



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