【2013年4月14日】 土湯温泉 仁田沼 の 水芭蕉 、びっき沼 の リュウキンカ など( April 14,2013: Skunk cabbage at Nidamuma, marsh marigold at Bikkinuma, etc)

本日は、岳温泉 から、土湯温泉 の奥にある 仁田沼 まで往復した。道の駅「 つちゆ 」のある峠を越えて行くので、GPSログの通り、アップダウンの多い道でした。
Today, I went to Nidanuma which meant Nida Swamp and which was located beyond the Tsuchiyu Onsen. Then, I came back to Dake Onsen again. Since I had to get over the pass of Road Station "Tsuchiyu", it was a ride of ups and downs as shown in the GPS log below.

The actual route is shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data are from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

20130414岳温泉から土湯仁田沼往復GPS (561x336)

P4142955 (561x421)

P4142963 (561x421)
上の写真にある道の駅「 つちゆ 」は、標高約800mの峠にあり、土湯温泉 へ行くには、これを越える必要がある。
The Road Station "Tsuchiyu" shown in the pictures was located on the pass of nearly 800m of altitude. I had to get over this pass in order to get to Tsuchiyu Hot Spring.

P4142982 (561x421)

P4142972 (561x421)

P4142979 (561x421)
道の駅から、写真にある「 きぼっこの森 」へ降りると、水芭蕉 やふきのとうが見られた。
There was a path to surrounding wood as shown in the pictures and I could find skunk cabbages and Fuki-noto.

P4143043 (561x421)
道の駅から、国道115号 を 土湯温泉 方面に下るとすぐに、写真の案内があり、自転車は旧道を通ることとなった。実は、この旧道沿いで、春の花が沢山見られました。
Soon after going down the Route 115 from the Road Station, I found the sign which said that bike must take the old route. Actually, this old route was abundant of spring wild flowers.

P4142985 (561x421)

P4142987 (561x421)
まず、上の写真のような、水芭蕉 の小群落が、道脇に何か所も見られる。
First of all, I could find many small groups of skunk cabbage besides the old route as shown above.

P4142997 (561x421)

P4142998 (561x421)
また、カタクリ や、コバイケイソウ (小梅蕙草、毒)の若葉、も多く見られた。(写真)
I could also find many dogtooth violets and white hellebores around there as shown in the pictures above.

P4143001 (561x421)

P4143008 (561x421)
もう少し先に行くと、びっき沼 が現れます。ここは、写真のように 水芭蕉 の大きな群生があります。
Going ahead, I arrived at Bikkinuma which meant Bikki Swamp. There were some large groups of skunk cabbage as shown in the pictures above.

P4143037 (561x421)
写真の黄色い花の リュウキンカ (立金花)も、咲き始めていました。
I could also find marsh marigold the yellow flowers of which had started to bloom as shown in the picture above.

P4143016 (561x421)

P4143018 (561x421)

P4143019 (561x421)
土湯温泉 の 熊野神社 の入口に、皇太子妃雅子様 が、4月の 仁田沼 の 水芭蕉 を詠まれた 歌碑 が、先月建てられたばかりでした。(写真)
Near the entrance of Kumano Shrine at Tsuchiyu Onsen, the monument inscribed with a poem of Princess Masako had been newly build just last month. The poem had referred to skunk cabbage at Nidanuma in April.

P4143031 (561x421)
その 仁田沼 の 水芭蕉 は、写真のように、見事でした。
Mass group of skunk cabbages could be found today as show in the picture and this was a spectacle.

P4143023 (561x421)

P4143022 (561x421)
仁田沼 には、カタクリ や、キクザキイチゲ (菊咲一華)なども多く見られた。
Also, I could find many dogtooth violets and anemone pseudoaltaicas there as shown in the pictures above.

P4143046 (561x421)
本日は、岳温泉 に戻り、写真の 岳の湯 に入った。ここは、岳温泉 の56.7℃の自然湧出の酸性湯を、掛け流ししている。熱いので、加水はしているが、お湯は新鮮で入った瞬間に良い湯とわかります。泊まった宿の隣にあります。
After I returned to Dake Onsen, I took a Bath at Dakenoyu Bath shown in the picture above. Acid hot spring of 56.7 degrees Celsius which welled up naturally was poured into the bath unlimitedly. Although they used some water to cool down the hot water, the bath was very fresh and comfortable. Dakenoyu was located adjacent to the inn I stayed.



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