Tour de KATSURAO bike safety class, June 23, 2018. (ツール・ド・かつらお 自転車安全教室 に参加 2018年6月23日)

竜子山としみちゃん (560x420)
(Paddy field view at Katsurao Village, June 23, 2018. 葛尾村 の 田園風景 6/23/2018)
I visited Katsurao Village today to attend a bike safety lesson by a professional instructor who runs Kinofit, a bike road racing school. Katsurao Village was lifted the evacuation order two years ago, for the first time in 5 years since the nuclear plant accident occurred. Paddy fields for rice growing have been restarted and they grew to such beautiful greenery today as shown above. A character shown on the bottom right is “Shimichan” which symbolizes the local specialty rice cake called “shimimochi”.

P6235919 (560x420)
The lesson started at a brand new venue “Fukkokoryukan” which means “revitalization and interaction hall” just opened this month as shown above. Today’s lesson was free of charge thanks to the Tour de KATSURAO organizer.

P6235929 (560x420)
At the beginning, we had a short lecture on how the bike is controlled in terms of tires and brakes. Tires touch the ground with only limited area which is the same as the thumb face. The brake is effective on choices between forward or side, not definitely effective on both choices at the same time. This is why you have to slow down at first with forward braking before turning the corner with tilted side braking and with NO forward braking. Photo above shows how the short lecture was given.

P6235938 (560x420)
Then we moved to a spacious ground nearby and each experienced the braking technique with its own bike following the instructor’s demonstration. One of the scenes is shown above. After the practice session, Q&A session and physical stretching session followed. It was a very high level class for me but I learned an essence of how to control the tires, brakes and pedals, which was highly beneficial for me. I only attended this lesson this year, no other cycling or road racing events. Last year, I participated in the first ever cycling event of Tour de KATSURAO with almost the same route of 31km as this year, shown in the blog of 2017.

P6235943 (560x421)
After the class, I returned to Fukkokoryukan facility and had a short lunch break. Photo above shows an inside view of the facility, with free table and chair space and sales corner of the local specialties. There were other tatami rooms as well for local people’s interaction space.

20180623三春滝桜子孫樹 (560x420)
On a corner of the outdoor ground of the facility, a young offspring plant of the famous Miharu-takizakura cherry tree was planted as shown above. It is expected to grow much bigger in the future years.

P6235926 (560x420)
In the neighborhood of the facility, I found a new restaurant “Ishii-shokudo” as shown above. This was the only restaurant in the village as of today.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20180623ツールドかつらお安全教室 (560x420)



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