【2013年5月13日】 駒止湿原 の山開きは5月19日予定( May 13, 2013: Komado Marsh will open from May 19 )

本日は、甲子温泉 を出発し、南会津町 の 針生 (はりゅう)地区から 駒止 (こまど)湿原に入る。
Today, I left Kashi Onsen and arrived at Komado Marsh via Haryu area of Minamiaizu Town.

The actual route is shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data are from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

20130513甲子温泉駒止湿原 (561x349)

P5133837 (561x421)
甲子温泉 を出発直後には、4.3kmの長い 甲子トンネル を通る。(写真)
I pedaled through the long Kashi Tunnel of 4.3km shown in the picture above.

P5133843 (561x421)

P5133845 (561x421)

P5133862 (561x421)
会津田島 地区を通り、国道289号 を登っていくと、標高719mの 針生 地区から 駒止湿原 への分岐がある。分岐に入ると、針生 の集落があります。ここは、民宿や農林業で生活をしている。今夜の私の宿も、民宿 の 福島屋 さんです。(写真)
As I climbed up the National Route 289 after going through Aizutajima area I found a branch sign for Komado Marsh at Haryu area which was 719m high as shown in the picture. Entering the branch road there appeared village of Haryu. They did private lodgings, farming and forestry. I also stayed at Fukushimaya Private Inn.

P5133849 (561x421)

P5133856 (350x561)
針生 の 簡易郵便局 は、写真のように古風な趣がある。その歴史も記されていた。
I found an old and elegant Haryu Simple Post Office building. The board explained the history.

P5133869 (561x421)
本題の 駒止 (こまど)湿原は、国指定の天然記念物であり、標高1120m程の所にあります。 駒止湿原 への道を登っていくと、途中に「 駒止湿原 は、雪が多いため入山できません。オープンは5月19日予定です。」の標識あり。
Today's main goal was Komado Marsh which had been designated as National Natural Treasure. This was located in the height of about 1120m. As I climbed up the road to the marsh I found a sign which said "Komado Marsh was still closed because of heavy snow. It will be open by May 19." shown in the picture above.

P5133879 (561x421)

P5133899 (561x421)

P5133905 (561x421)
Since I could find no snow around there I went ahead the road. As you see in the pictures above, it was a pleasant journey with river, remaining snow, and zigzag hill climb, and finally I found the entrance sign of Komado Marsh.

P5133921 (561x421)
この標識の先を登ると、写真の 南会津町 側の駐車場(左)と湿原への入口(右)に到着する。
As I climbed ahead of the sign, I arrived at parking space of Minamiaizu Town (left side) and the entrance gate for the Komado Marsh (right side).

P5133917 (561x421)
However, as I went ahead of the entrance gate of the Marsh, snow field appeared in front as shown in the picture above. I believed those who without winter wearing and shoes could not enter the marsh. They will clear the snow by May 19. I had to give up this time.



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