Snow scenery at Minamiaizu Town, Feb. 22, 2017 (南会津の雪景色 2017年2月22日)

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Today I visited Minamiaizu Town which is located in the southern area of Aizu Region. Aizu Railway runs through the area and the railroad track extends all the way to Asakusa Tokyo. Photo above shows snow scenery at Okuaizu History Museum which is about 20-minute walk from Sansondojo Station. An old tea house and traditional farmers' houses are preserved in this complex, all of which are from Edo Period more than 200 years ago. All the houses were covered with deep snow today due to heavy snowfall over the past few days. The old tea house in the picture is called Sannojaya which was originally located at Sanno Pass on the border between Tochigi Pref. and Fukushima during Edo Period. It was once burnt down by Boshin Civil War but was rebuilt soon afterward on the site and then moved to here for preservation. This house is being used today as soba restaurant and cafe during all season. In fact I had a delicious soba noodle and Shingoro or rice ball with miso paste for lunch at here today.

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Photo above shows today's Aizu Railway train running powerful through a snow field. From April 21 of this year, a brand new super express train "Revaty" is scheduled to connect Asakusa, Tokyo and Aizutajima, Minamiaizu Town directly without changing trains. This may greatly push tourism in this region.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170222南会津町山村道場 (560x420)



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