【2013年6月12日】 只見川 沿いに、JR 只見線 と、そして 玉梨温泉 へ(June 12, 2013: Pedaled along Tadami River, JR Tadami Line and finally to Tamanashi Onsen at Kaneyama Town, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、西山温泉 を出発し、只見川 およびJR 只見線 沿いの 国道252号 を進み、三島町 を経由し、金山町 の 玉梨温泉 に入る。
Today I left Nishiyama Onsen and pedaled along National Route 252 which also went along Tadami River and JR Tadami Line. I stopped at Mishima Town and finally arrived at Tamanashi Onsen at Kaneyama Town.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130612日西山温泉から玉梨温泉へ (561x370)

P6124660 (561x421)

P6124669 (423x561)

P6124670 (561x421)
三島町、金山町 は、冬季は雪深く、奥会津と呼ばれる。西山温泉 を出て、国道252号 に入ると、三島町 の写真の道の駅「 尾瀬街道みしま宿 」がある。ここでは、写真の桐箪笥など 三島町 の特産を中心に販売している。
Mishima Town and Kaneyama Town were called Okuaizu country which was covered deep in snow in winter. After I left Nishiyama Onsen and merged into the National Route 252, I soon found the Road Station called "Ozekaidou-Mishimajuku" which was located in Mishima Town. Many products of Mishima Town were in sale such as wooden cabinets made fully of paulownia as shown in the pictures above.

P6124674 (561x421)

P6124676 (561x421)

P6124682 (561x421)

P6124701 (561x421)
このあと、道は 只見川 沿いに進み、上の写真のように景色が大変良い。
My bike went along Tadami River and I fully enjoyed beautiful scenery as shown in the pictures above.

なお、JR 只見線 もほぼ平行して走り、その光景を紹介します。
JR Tadami Line also went along Tadami River. Some views were shown below.

P6124694 (561x421)

P6124697 (561x420)
JR 早戸駅 で、写真のようにホームのすぐ下を 只見川 が流れる光景です。
At JR Hayato Station Tadami River flowed along just beneath the station platform as shown in the pictures.

P6124715 (561x420)

P6124716 (561x421)
また、上の写真は、只見川 を渡る 鉄橋 に、3両編成の会津若松行の 只見線 の車両が走る光景。
I was also lucky to find three passenger cars of JR Tadami Line bound for Aizuwakamatsu came crossing the railroad bridge as shown in the pictures above.

P6124741 (561x421)
上の写真は、会津川口駅の手前で、只見川と並行に走る、JR 只見線 の線路です。なお、JR 只見線 は、2年前の豪雨被害の復旧中であり、現在会津川口駅と只見駅の間は、バス代行運転です。
The picture above shows railroad of Tadami Line went just beside the Tadami River at a little before Aizukawaguchi Station. Between Aizukawaguchi and Tadami Stations shuttle bus service was temporarily being operated because of heavy rain disaster two years ago.

P6124722 (561x421)

P6124729 (561x421)

P6124739 (561x420)

P6124735 (561x421)
この近くに、今年4月にオープンした新しい道の駅「 奥会津かねやま 」があります。写真は、案内板、国道252号沿いの外観と、裏側の外観、および手打ちのざるそばです。トイレや食堂など最新の設備で気持ちが良い。
In this neighborhood I found brand new Road Station called "Okuaizu-Kaneyama" which opened in this April. Pictures above show the guide sign, view from National Route 252, view from behind, and handmade zaru soba served. I felt comfortable with new and sophisticated Men's and Women's rooms and restaurant.

P6124749 (561x420)

P6124754 (561x421)
このあと自転車は、会津川口で国道400号へ左折し、今夜は、玉梨温泉 の写真の 恵比寿屋 に泊まる。この宿も、日本秘湯の会 会員宿である。温泉は、写真のように、日中温泉に似た色と匂いを持ち、但し源泉温度は熱めである。特殊な湯であるが、良い湯です。
Then, I turned left and pedaled along National Route 400 and finally arrived at Tamanashi Onsen. Tonight I stayed at Ebisuya Inn shown in the pictures above. This inn was a member of Japan Association of Segregated Hot Spring Inns. This hot spring had special color and smells similar to that of Nitchu Onsen but this was comfortably hot. Although the hot spring seemed somewhat special as you can see in the second picture the bath was very good.



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