Skunk cabbage habitat and beautiful scenery of the lake at Konanmachi, Koriyama, April 20, 2016 (湖南町 の 水芭蕉 と 飯豊連峰 を望む絶景 2016年4月20日)

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(Skunk cabbage habitat at Banushinden, Konanmachi, Koriyama, April 20, 2016, 馬入新田 の 水芭蕉 自生地、湖南町、郡山市 2016/4/20)
This is a skunk cabbage habitat at Banushinden District of Konanmachi, Koriyama City. It is already in its full bloom. They started to bloom several days earlier than usual due to the warm weather.

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(Iide Mountains and Lake Inawashiro, Konanmachi, Koriyama, 飯豊連峰 と 猪苗代湖、湖南町、郡山市 2016/4/20)
On the way back to my home, I stopped at a viewpoint on the southern edge of Lake Inawashiro. Today, a high pressure system from the west covered Fukushima and I could view excellent scenery of snow-capped Iide Mountain range as if floating over Lake Inawashiro as shown above.

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Photos above are about an interesting site I found today. This site is called "Kusatori Jizo" or weeding Jizo. There is a legend accompanied to it as the stone panel in the picture above says. Once upon a time, there were hard-working young man and his mother. One day, his mother got sick and the young man was struggling with weeding the rice field alone. A young woman suddenly appeared and started to weed the field with him. She was so fast with the work that the weeding was finished by the end of the day. Then she quietly disappeared. He searched for her and found that a standing stone Jizo statue wore the same clothes as the woman. --I love this story.

I had a lunch at a soba restaurant in Konanmachi. It is located before ascending toward Sanmori Pass that I can fuel myself with some food. I had a very nice soba noodles, although I have neither photo nor its name. The location is on the map.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20160420湖南町 (560x420)



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