Autumn leaves at Nanko Park, Nov. 6, 2015 (秋 の 南湖公園 2015年11月6日)

I visited Nanko Park in Shirakawa City today which is located in the southern part of Fukushima. I enjoyed beautiful scenery with autumn leaves and mountain views far away in the west and south. On the way along National Route 4, I found giant Shirakawa Dharma dolls red and white standing beside the road.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151106南湖公園 (560x420)

PB065555 (560x420)
(Nanko Park in autumn, Shirakawa City, Nov. 6, 2015, 秋の南湖公園 白河市 2015/11/6)
Picture above shows today's view of Nanko Park with Nasu Mountain Range in the far behind. This park was first build in 1801 by the Shirakawa Lord Sadanobu Matsudaira. This is the oldest park in Japan and is designated as National Scenic Site as well as National Historic Site.
写真は、本日の 南湖公園 です。遠くに、那須連峰 の山が見えます。南湖公園 は、1801年に、白河藩主の 松平定信 がつくりました。国内で、最古の公園と言われ、国の名勝、および史跡に指定されています。

PB065601 (560x420)

PB065567 (560x420)

PB065596 (560x420)
(Nanko Park in autumn colors, Shirakawa City, Nov. 6, 2015, 秋の南湖公園 紅葉 白河市 2015/11/6)
Along the perimeter of the Nanko Lake, many maple trees displayed beautiful red colors as shown above. The last picture includes Mt. Yamizo (1022m) in the south at the border with Ibaraki Pref.
南湖公園 の周囲は、写真のように、カエデの木が 紅葉 に染まっています。最後の写真には、南の茨城県境にある、八溝山(1022m)が見えます。

PB065633 (464x560)

PB065638 (560x419)

PB065651 (560x420)
(Shirakawa Dharma dolls, National Route 4, Shirakawa City, Nov. 6, 2015, 白河だるま 国道4号 白河市 2015/11/6)
On the way back, I stopped at giant Shirakawa Dharma dolls standing just beside the National Route 4 as shown above. Shirakawa Dharma has been passed down from more than 300 years ago. The red one is for health and safety, and the white one for good luck. There was a Shirakawa Ramen restaurant adjacent to these dolls. Shirakawa Ramen is a specialty of the city. I had "Red Dharma Ramen" for lunch and this was very good.
帰り道で、国道4号 脇に立っている、白河だるま に寄りました。白河だるま は、300年以上前から、伝わっています。赤は、健康と家内安全、白は、開運に使われます。だるまのすぐ隣に、白河市名物の、白河ラーメン の店があります。 昼に、赤だるまラーメンを戴き、大変おいしいです。



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