【2013年6月30日】 緑水苑 から 磐梯熱海温泉 へ( June 30, 2013: Ryokusuien and Bandai-Atami Onsen of Koriyama City, Fukushima Pref.)

本日、8回目の福島自転車ツアーを開始しました。初日は、郡山駅まで輪行し、そこから国道49号などで、途中 緑水苑 に寄り 磐梯熱海温泉 に入る。
Today, I started the 8th bike tour in Fukushima. For the 1st day I packed my bike and took a train to Koriyama Station in Fukushima Pref. And then I pedaled mainly on National Route 49, stopped at Ryokusuien Park and finally arrived at Bandai-Atami Onsen.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130630郡山磐梯熱海 (561x367)

P6305171 (561x421)

P6305183 (561x421)
緑水苑 は、郡山市街と 磐梯熱海 の中間付近に位置し、今の時期は、アヤメ類が終わりつつあり、アジサイ、スイレンなどが咲いていました。苑内は、大勢の人でにぎわっていました。国道49号からは、写真のように、案内板があり、迷わずに入口まで行けます。
Ryokusuien Park was located between central part of Koriyama City and Bandai-Atami. Most irises were in the last stage, but hydrangea and water lily were becoming beautiful. The park was clouded with many people. From the National Route 49 there were exact guide signs such as shown in the picture and I could arrive at the entrance without getting lost.

P6305203 (561x421)

P6305212 (561x420)

P6305216 (561x421)
アヤメ類は、花菖蒲 が写真のように、一部見頃で残っていました。
Some of Japanese irises were still in good condition as shown in the pictures.

P6305220 (561x421)

P6305222 (561x421)
青色の ガクアザサイ がきれいでした。
Blue lacecap hydrangeas were beautiful.

P6305188 (561x421)

P6305208 (561x421)
大賀ハス と呼ばれる 古代ハス は、大きなつぼみをつけていました。
Ancient lotus which was called Oga lotus had big buds as shown in the picture.

P6305189 (561x420)

P6305192 (561x421)
Water lilies had many white and red flowers.

P6305237 (561x421)
水辺の アジサイ には、カエル が多数いました。上の写真には、何匹いるでしょうか。なんと、7匹います。
I could find many frogs on hydrangea near water. How many can you find in the picture above? The answer is seven.

P6305236 (561x421)

P6305246 (561x420)
Close views of frogs on the leaves of hydrangea are shown above.

P6305230 (561x420)

P6305239 (561x421)
ピンクの ガクアジサイ の花(実際はガク)にも、カエル が。
Also on the flowers (actually on the calyxes) of pink lacecap hydrangea there were flogs.

P6305263 (561x420)

P6305253 (561x421)
Tonight I stayed at Fujiya Inn of Bandai-Atami Hot Spring as shown in the picture above. Although it was a small inn very close to Bandai-Atami Station shown in the picture, it was a very comfortable inn with very good homemade meal served in each room.

P6305270 (561x421)
At Bandai-Atami Onsen it was usual that mixed hot spring water (this water was heated and also chlorinated by the City) of 53 degrees Celsius was used. However this inn also had real natural hot spring of 33 degrees Celsius as shown in the picture above. Although I could not take a bath in this small bath tub but I could use this useful hot spring water for washing my body.




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