Autumn leaves at Lake Onogawa, Urabandai, Oct. 14, 2015 (裏磐梯 小野川湖 周辺の 紅葉 2015年10月14日)

Today's visit was Lake Onogawa and the vicinity in Urabandai area, Kitashiobara Village. It was a clear weather today but windy and cold after low pressure system passed toward east. Autumn leaves are showing nice colors due to lower temperature in recent days.
本日は、裏磐梯 の 小野川湖 と、その周辺です。今日は、良い天気でしたが、低気圧通過後の、強風と寒気で寒かったです。そのため、紅葉も進んでいました。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151014小野川湖 (560x420)

PA144396 (560x420)

PA144401 (560x420)
Pictures above show today's views of Lake Onogawa. This lake was created by a massive eruption of Mt. Bandai in 1888.
写真は、本日の、小野川湖 の様子です。この湖は、1888年の磐梯山の大噴火で、できました。

PA144414 (560x420)
(Onogawa Fudo Fall and autumn leaves, Urabandai, Oct. 14, 2015, 小野川不動滝 と 紅葉、裏磐梯、北塩原村、2015/10/14)
In the upper stream of Lake Onogawa, there is a large fall called Onogawa Fudo Fall. Today it was surrounded by autumn colors as shown above.
小野川湖の上流に、小野川不動滝 があります。写真のように、紅葉 に彩られていました。

From the fall there is a mountain trail through Gran Deco Ski Resort in the north. I walked along the trail and found beautiful autumn scenery up there.
不動滝 から、北の グランデコ スキーリゾートまで、山道が続いています。ここを、登っていくと、すばらしい秋の光景に出会いました。

PA144435 (560x420)
From the park golf course which belong to Gran Deco Hotel, I could see colorful hills surrounding the golf course as shown above.

PA144474 (560x406)
(Gran Deco Resort and autumn leaves, Urabandai, Oct. 14, 2015, グランデコ の 紅葉、裏磐梯、北塩原村、2015/10/14)
Finally I arrived at Gran Deco Ski slope and spectacular autumn scenery along the gondola ropeway came into my eyes as shown above.

PA144366 (560x420)
Tonight, I stayed at Urabandai Public Inn near Lake Onogawa as shown above. It was a very simple type inn with basic lodging and good meal and of course with very reasonable charge. I love this kind of simple lodgings.
今夜は、小野川湖 の脇にある、裏磐梯国民宿舎 に泊まります。基本的な寝泊りと、おいしい食事がついた、簡素な宿です。値段も安く、私は、このような簡素な宿が好きです。

You can trace the route and altitude in the map below.



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