【2013年7月1日】 あやめ園 そして 母成峠 経由 中ノ沢温泉 へ( July 1, 2013: Ayame-en and then to Nakanosawa Onsen via Bonari Pass )

本日は、磐梯熱海温泉から、母成(ぼなり)グリーンライン で 母成峠 を越え、猪苗代町の 中ノ沢温泉 へ入る。途中、あやめ園 に寄ります。
Today, I left Bandai-Atami Onsen and pedaled through Bonari Green Line Road over Bonari Pass and then arrived at Nakanosawa Onsen of Inawashiro Town. I stopped at "Ayame-en" which meant Iris Park on the way.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

20130701磐梯熱海中ノ沢温泉 (561x366)

母成グリーンライン は、標高970mの母成峠を越える道路で、以前は有料道路であったが、2007年から無料になっています。
Bonari Green Line Road was a road which went over Bonari Pass which had an elevation of 970m. It had been a toll road before but had changed to free road since 2007.

P7015274 (561x421)
途中にある あやめ園 に寄りました。写真の案内があるので、すぐわかります。ここは、広い敷地内に豊富に四季の花を育てていて、見る価値は高いと思います。
I stopped at Ayame-en (Iris Park) on the way. A guide board told me the entrance as shown in the picture. Here they planted abundant of seasonal plants and flowers in a spacious field. I believe this place is worth visiting.

P7015288 (561x421)

P7015291 (561x421)

P7015303 (561x421)

P7015312 (561x421)
あやめ類のピークは、過ぎていましたが、写真のように、見頃の 花菖蒲 が多く残っていました。
Best season for iris had already gone, however many Japanese irises were still in good bloom.

P7015285 (561x421)
ヤナギラン が見頃でした。
Willow herb was in best condition to see.

P7015325 (561x421)

P7015320 (561x421)
I could find many red flowers of water lilies.

P7015327 (561x421)
I was told that flower in the picture above was a kind of columbine. However, it seemed different from columbine in internet pictures.

P7015333 (561x421)

P7015336 (561x420)

P7015342 (561x421)

P7015346 (561x420)
あやめ園から更に母成峠に向かって登る途中、ある標高帯で、エゾハルゼミ がかなり鳴いていました。通常は、木の上で鳴くが、道路脇で聞こえるので、見ると写真のように、ガードレールや、草の上でも鳴いている。これは 自転車 か徒歩でないと、車では気付かないと思います。
On the way from Ayame-en to Bonari Pass I heard many cicadas singing loud. Usually they sing at high on the trees but I also heard singing from roadside. I found some of them were on iron guard fence and on grass. By the way, I could never find this in automobile instead of on bike or on foot.

P7015355 (561x421)

P7015357 (561x420)

P7015359 (561x339)
母成峠 での写真。1868年の戊辰戦争の碑が立っています。
Some views at Bonari Pass are shown above. There was a monument for Boshin War at the year 1868.

P7015368 (561x421)

P7015381 (397x561)

P7015377 (561x421)

P7015378 (561x421)
本日の宿は、写真の中ノ沢温泉の 万葉亭 。日本秘湯を守る会 の会員宿です。安達太良山で自然湧出する高温の源泉を、7km引き湯してそのまま風呂にかけ流しています。このため、実に良い温泉に入れます。
Tonight I stayed at Manyo Inn of Nakanosawa Onsen shown in the pictures above. It was a member of Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns. Hot spring water which welled up naturally at Mt. Adatara was lead all the way to here for 7km of distance and then poured into the bath tub just as it was. Thus I could enjoy really good hot spring bath.



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