Steam locomotive on JR Ban-etsu West Line, April 19, 2015 (SL福が満開ふくしま号 磐越西線 を走る 2015年4月19日)

Today, the special steam locomotive train whistled through JR Ban-etsu West Line in Fukushima. This was a special event for tourist attraction. The train shuttled between Koriyama and Aizuwakamatsu Station during this weekend.
本日は、福島デスティネーションキャンペーンの1つとして、SL福が満開ふくしま号 が、磐越西線 を走りました。今週の土日に、郡山と会津若松間を往復するイベントです。

I pedaled my bike to Inawashiro Town which is located near Mt. Bandai. The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150419福が満開SL (560x420)

P4190550 (560x420)
(Numagami Hydroelectric Power Station, April 19, 2015 東電沼上発電所 郡山市 2015/4/19)
On the way to Inawashiro Town I stopped at Numagami Hydroelectric Power Station as shown above. This is an old power station established in 1899. It used water from Inawashiro Lake and provided power to Koriyama City in the early days and triggered industrialization of the city. The water flow on the left in the picture is Asaka Canal which provides water to Koriyama City.
行く途中、東電の沼上(ぬまがみ)発電所 に寄りました(写真)。中山トンネルの直前にあります。1899年にできた、県内2番目の水力発電所で、猪苗代湖から引いた、安積疎水の水を使っています。当時の郡山市内に電気を供給し、工業発展に貢献しました。左手の水は、郡山市に水を供給する安積疎水です。

P4190702 (560x420)

P4190667 (560x420)
(SL train with Mt. Bandai April 19, 2015 SL福が満開ふくしま号 猪苗代町 川桁駅近く 2015/4/19)
Above photos are of the SL train with the background of Mt. Bandai from different viewpoints.
磐梯山 を背景に、疾走する SL福が満開ふくしま号 です。

P4190604 (560x420)
Above photo is rapid train named Aizu no.4 which passed just before the SL.
SLの直前に、快速電車( あいづ4号 ) も通りました。

Yesterday, I watched the same SL train in Koriyama City in which I live. The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150418福が満開SL (560x420)

P4180542 (560x420)
(SL train in Koriyama City April 18, 2015 SL福が満開ふくしま号 郡山と喜久田の間 2015/4/18)
Above photo is the SL train running through Koriyama City toward Aizuwakamatsu.
写真は、郡山市内を疾走する、SL福が満開ふくしま号 です。 通過直後は、けむに巻かれました。
Many people including from outside Fukushima gathered everywhere along the JR line to see the SL train. I was really amazed at the effect of the SL.



Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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