【2014年10月8日】 安達太良山 の 紅葉 と 沼ノ平 (Oct. 8, 2014: Autumn leaves and volcano crater at Mt. Adatara, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、安達太良山 (1700m)に、紅葉 を見に行きました。ルートは、JR二本松駅 まで鉄道で行き、そこから シャトルバス と あだたらエクスプレス (ロープウエイ)で、標高1350mの薬師岳まで行き、そこから山頂、勢至平経由、奥岳まで歩く、9.5kmの日帰りコースです。
Today I visited Mt. Adatara (1700m) to enjoy colorful autumn leaves. The route was that at first I went to JR Nihonmatsu Station and then took a shuttle bus to Okudake and then took Adatara Express ropeway up to the height of 1350m. After that I climbed up to the peak of Mt. Adatara followed by climbing all the way down to Okudake in the afternoon.

The location and the actual route of the walk are shown in the map below. (The route data are from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)
20141008安達太良山紅葉 (560x417)

PA087972 (560x420)

PA087981 (560x420)
あだたらエクスプレス の終点から、登り始めると、登山道沿いに、きれいな紅葉に出会います。 (安達太良山 紅葉 2014/10/8)
As soon as I started to walk from the terminal of Adatara Express ropeway I found beautiful autumn leaves along the path as shown above.

PA088005 (560x420)
山頂付近から、山の斜面に、紅葉が広がります。 (安達太良山 紅葉 2014/10/8)
Above photo shows the colors of autumn leaves spreading on the slope of the mountain near the peak.

PA088015 (560x420)
安達太良山 の 山頂 付近です。本日は、平日ですが、写真のように、たくさんの登山客がいました。智恵子の ほんとの空 は、この上ない晴天でした。(シャトルバスに乗り合わせた人の中には、東京から夜行バスや新幹線で、今朝来た人もたくさんいました。)
Above photo shows the view near the peak of Mt. Adatara. Though it was a weekday today, many climbers were around there. "The real sky above Mt. Adatara" as the famous poet Chieko said was a splendid clear sky today. (There were many visitors all the way from Tokyo today in the same shuttle bus as I took. They came to Fukushima this morning either by overnight bus service or the Shinkansen bullet train.)

PA088056 (560x412)
山頂から少し北に行くと、写真のように、沼ノ平 と呼ぶ噴火口があります。晴れていたので、遠くに、裏磐梯 の 秋元湖 も見えます。なお、安達太良山 は、最新の気象庁の 火山活動解説資料 では、噴気や地震は、ほとんど無い状況です。 (安達太良山 沼ノ平 2014/10/8)
As I walked north for a while, there appeared a giant volcano crater called Numanodaira as shown above. Thanks to the clear sky I could see Lake Akimoto of Urabandai area far ahead. The latest report about the volcanic activity by the Meteorological Agency said there is none or little gas and seismic activity recently.

PA088068 (560x420)

PA088083 (560x420)
Above photos show colorful autumn leaves on the slopes as I climbed down the path. Some climbers said that it was much more beautiful just before the last typhoon has passed. It might have passed the best time to see already. (The schedule was so tight that I walked fast and I barely made it on the last shuttle bus which departed on 14:40.)



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