【2014年7月21日】 裏磐梯 秋元湖、および磐梯吾妻レークライン (July 21, 2014: Lake Akimoto at Urabandai and Bandai Azuma Lake line Road, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、北塩原村 裏磐梯 の 秋元湖 と、その北を走る、磐梯吾妻レークライン を訪ねました。 全国的な、天候不安定が、収まってきたので、今回は自転車で行きました。
Today I visited Lake Akimoto at Urabandai and also Bandai Azuma Lake Line Road which ran through the northern area of the lake. Since the weather became stable I pedaled my bike to the area.

The location and the actual route were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)
20140721裏磐梯三湖 (560x423)

Soon after I entered Urabandai area I found many colorful butterflies on the roadside as shown below. The kind of the butterfly was Apatura metis. Many of them gathered on a dead bird. The location was red asterisk 1 in the map.

P7216544 (560x419)
コムラサキのオスです。オオムラサキと同じように、羽の表側が、青紫に見えます。 (裏磐梯 コムラサキ 蝶 2014/7/21)
Above photo shows male butterfly with beautiful blue purple color.

P7216550 (560x420)
コムラサキのメスです。羽は、青紫にはなりません。 (裏磐梯 コムラサキ 蝶 2014/7/21)
Above photo shows female butterfly with yellow brown color.

P7216611 (560x420)
裏磐梯 入口から、東に入ると、写真のように、秋元湖 が展望できます。本日は、雲はありますが、晴れてきました。展望の場所は、地図の☆2です。 (秋元湖 2014/7/21)
Turning east at near the entrance of Urabandai I could see a close view of Lake Akimoto as shown above. It became sunny this afternoon although there still were some clouds. The location of the view was red asterisk 2 in the map.

次に、震災後、有料道路ではなくなった、磐梯吾妻レークライン に入り、今回は、峠近くの、標高960mの3湖バラダイスまで行きました。場所は、地図の☆3です。
Next I pedaled along Bandai Azuma Lake Line Road which had been a toll road before the 311 earthquake disaster. This time I pedaled up to Sanko Paradise spot the altitude of which was 960m. The location was red asterisk 3 in the map.

P7216647 (560x420)
写真は、三湖パラダイスからの、小野川湖と遠くの桧原湖の光景です。 (磐梯吾妻レークライン 三湖パラダイス 2014/7/21)
Above photo shows a view from Sanko Paradise spot. I could see Lake Onogawa in front and Lake Hibara at far end.

P7216670 (560x420)
同様に、三湖パラダイスからの、磐梯山と、レークラインの光景です。 (磐梯吾妻レークライン 三湖パラダイス 2014/7/21)
Above photo shows a view of Lake Line Road and Mt. Bandai in the back from the same spot.

P7216677 (560x420)

P7216633 (560x420)
On the return ride I found many beautiful blue and pink Hydrangea macropyllas on roadside.

P7206522 (560x420)
For your reference I found a 3D map of Mt. Bandai and Urabandai area which was on sale at Urabandai Visitor Center. The 3D map was called Geoart Bandaisan. I purchased one last month and put on a wall as shown above. It was very useful. They sell a piece at 1,100 yen.

Tonight I stayed at Urabandai Royal Hotel.



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