【2013年12月24日】 会津 の 冬景色 ( 会津若松 の 御薬園 、猪苗代湖 志田浜 の 白鳥 ) ( Dec. 24, 2013: Japanese Garden Oyakuen & Swans at Shidahama Beach of Lake Inawashiro, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、会津若松市にある 御薬園 の冬景色と、猪苗代湖畔の 志田浜 の 白鳥 を訪ねました。冬の 会津地方 は、雪による路面凍結で、自転車の峠越えは無理と判断し、磐越西線 の鉄道で出かけました。
Today I first visited Oyakuen Garden at Aizuwakamatsu City and then visited Shidahama Beach of Lake Inawashiro at which I expected to see swans. Since Aizu Area had been covered with deep snow, I thought it would be difficult to pedal over the pass because of freezing road thus I went by train.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20131224会津若松経由志田浜 (560x297)

まず、会津若松の 御薬園 を訪ねました。
First I visited Oyakuen at Aizuwakamatsu City.

PC246454 (560x419)
郡山から 磐越西線 で会津若松行きに乗ります。
I took a train of Ban-etsu West Line bound for Aizuwakamatsu from Koriyama.

PC246451 (560x419)
途中、中山峠 を越え、会津に入ったとたん、写真のような 雪景色 に変わります。
On the way after passing the Nakayama Pass and entering to Aizu Area the view suddenly changed to snow scene as shown in the picture above.

Soon I arrived at Aizuwakamatsu Station.

PC246463 (560x417)

PC246551 (560x486)
Passing through the ticket gate a welcome board as shown in the picture above appeared.

PC246482 (560x419)
御薬園へは、市内循環バス「 あかべえ 」に乗ります。30分毎にあり、市内観光に大変便利です。
I took a city loop bus named "Akabei" to get to Oyakuen. This bus starts every 30 minutes thus very convenient for travelers.

PC246487 (560x418)
御薬園 入口に到着。
I finally arrived at entrance gate of Oyakuen.

PC246540 (560x420)

PC246541 (560x420)
御薬園 は、国指定の名勝 で、薬草のある日本庭園です。冬期は、積雪のため、下の写真のような風景になります。
Oyakuen which was a Japanese garden with herbs had been designated as the National Site of Scenic Beauty. In winter the view looked as shown below due to snow.

PC246528 (560x420)

PC246529 (560x420)
会津若松市の 御薬園 の冬景色。
Pictures above show winter views of Oyakuen Garden.

PC246545 (560x423)
帰りは、逆方向に回る市内循環バスの「 ハイカラさん 」で会津若松駅に戻ります。
For the return trip to Aizuwakamtsu Station I took another loop bus named "Haikarasan".

PC246547 (560x420)
ちょうど昼時で、駅中の蕎麦屋で、「 会津のねばり 」を注文。大変、おいしいそばでした。
At lunch time I ordered a hot soba dish named "Aizu-no-nebari" in the station restaurant. It was delicious.

PC246570 (560x312)
次に、郡山行の磐越西線に乗り、猪苗代駅 で降りたときの、磐梯山 の様子です。 ここから、猪苗代湖畔の 志田浜 へ行きます。
Next I took a train of Ban-etsu West Line bound for Koriyama and I got off at Inawashiro Station. A view of Mt. Bandaisan from here was shown above. I then headed for Shidahama Beach of Lake Inawashiro.

There were many swans as I expected and I could take pictures with Mt.bandaisan in the back with some sunlight falling from between clouds.

PC246616 (560x354)

PC246625 (560x413)
志田浜 の 白鳥 と、磐梯山 。
Swans at Shidahama Beach with Mt. Bandaisan in the back.

PC246642 (560x326)

PC246651 (560x312)
滑空する 白鳥 と、磐梯山 。
Gliding swan with Mt. Bandaisan in the back.

PC246683 (560x415)
猪苗代湖 と 白鳥 と、磐梯山 。
Picture of swans at Lake Inawashiro with Mt. Bandaisan in the background.

PC246700 (560x420)
今夜は、近くの「 こはんゲストハウス 」に泊まります。 この近くで、冬場に一人旅などで、手軽に安く泊まれる貴重な宿です。 きれいで、近くの送迎もしてもらえます。
I stayed at nearby "Kohan Guesthouse Inn" tonight. This inn was one of very few inns at which even alone traveler could stay conveniently with reasonable charge. It was new, clean and with pickup and sending off service to nearby station.



Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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