【2014年6月2日】 桧山高原 風力発電所 (June 2, 2014: Wind farm at Hiyama Heights, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、田村市と川内村にまたがる、桧山(ひやま)高原 風力発電所を訪ねました。電源開発が、2011年より運転しており、布引高原、滝根小白井についで、福島県で3番目の規模です。(自然エネルギー特集、その2・・つづき)
Today I visited a wind farm at Hiyama Heights which was located in the border area of Tamura City and Kawauchi Village. J Power Company had operated this wind farm since the year 2011, and it was the 3rd largest wind farm in Fukushima Pref. (Renewable energy part 2 continued.)

The location and the actual route were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)
20140602桧山高原風力発電 (560x416)

The wind farm at Hiyama Heights had 14 wind turbines each of which had 2MW of generation power. It generated the total 28MW of electricity which was equal to the load of 18000 households. The wind farm was located in the altitude of 900m.

P6024777 (560x415)
Approaching Kawauchi Village on the local Route 112, I found a guide sign for Hiyama Heights as shown above and I turned left. The location was red asterisk 1 in the map.

P6024785 (560x420)
その後、未舗装路が1.5km程続き、写真のように、風車の一部が見えてきます。 未舗装路は、自転車は押しました。 (桧山高原 風力発電所 2014/6/2)
As I went ahead the road became unpaved gravel road for about 1.5km and soon some wind turbines welcomed me as shown above. I walked with my bike on the unpaved road.

P6024788 (560x420)
その後、写真の分岐があり、左折すると道路は、また舗装路になります。 場所は地図の☆2です。 なお、分岐はちょうど川内村との境界にあり、右折すると川内村に入ります。
Then I found a road branch as shown above and as I turned left the road became paved again. The location was red asterisk 2 in the map. The road branch was located on the border between Tamura City and Kawauchi Village and turning right would bring you to Kawauchi Village.

P6024789 (560x420)
舗装路を進むと、写真のように、たくさんの風車がお出迎えです。 (桧山高原 風力発電所 2014/6/2)
As I went ahead on the paved road many wind turbines welcomed me again.

P6024797 (560x420)
At the end of the road there was a rest area with benchs and roof. They were actually facilities for babecue and camping.

P6024801 (560x420)
その前には、池とその向こうに風車が広がる光景が展開されます。場所は、地図の☆3です。風車は、川内村との境界付近で、地図の赤で囲ったエリアにあるものと思われます。 但し、今日は、点検のためか、風が弱いせいか、風車は回っていませんでした。 (桧山高原 風力発電所 2014/6/2)
風弱く 桧山高原 風車止め まわりの景色 どこかさびしげ
The view from the bench was as shown above including small pond in front and many wind turbines surrounding in the background. The location was red asterisk 3 in the map. The wind turbines were located near the border area as shown by the red circle in the map. Today the wind turbines were not rotating possibly due to maintenance or lack of wind.

Renewable energy part 2 brought three major wind farms in Fukushima Pref. This article will be the end of the part 2.



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