【2014年1月6日】磐越西線 、 只見線 、 早戸温泉 の 冬景色 ( Jan. 6, 2014: Aizu region in deep winter snow, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、福島県 郡山市 から、雪深い 会津 (猪苗代町→会津若松市→三島町)の 冬景色 の中に行った。郡山から磐越西線で会津若松へ、そして只見線で三島町の早戸温泉へ行く。
Today, I took a train from Koriyama City Fukushima Pref. to Aizu Region all of which was covered by deep snow. The route was JR Ban-etsu West Line from Koriyama to Aizuwakamatsu, and JR Tadami Line from Aizuwakamatsu to Hayato Onsen at Mishima Town.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

20140106郡山早戸電車 (560x301)

The view from Ban etsu West Line changed to snow scene after passing through Bandai-Atami of Koriyama City when the train started to climb up the mountain. And after passing the pass and entering Aizu Region the view was completely snow white. Some views are shown below.

P1066974 (560x421)

P1066978 (560x419)

P1066979 (560x420)
猪苗代町 の 川桁駅 の近くを走る、郡山行の 磐越西線 快速あいづライナー2号 です。
A rapid train "Aizu-Liner 2" bound for Koriyama was seen near Kawageta Station of Inawashiro Town.

P1066994 (560x420)
次の猪苗代駅ですれ違う、郡山行の 普通電車。
A local train bound for Koriyama was seen at the next Inawashiro Station.

P1067016 (560x420)

P1067013 (560x420)
猪苗代駅 の近くを、雪煙をあげて疾走する、会津若松行の磐越西線 快速あいづライナー1号 です。
A rapid train "Aizu-Liner 1" bound for Aizuwakamatsu was seen near Inawashiro Station with snow smoke.

P1067008 (560x419)
猪苗代駅前 にある軽食店。
Cafe and soba restaurant in front of Inawashiro Station was shown in the picture above.

P1067001 (560x420)
NHKテレビ番組の 火野正平 さんが、自転車で立ち寄ったときの記念写真がありました。
I found a photo with Mr. Shohei Hino inside who had stopped at the cafe during bike tour and who was a main actor at a regular program of NHK.

P1067007 (560x420)
They served me a delicious Sansai Soba.

P1067028 (560x420)
雪降りしきる中、猪苗代駅 に到着する、磐越西線 普通電車。
A local train arrived at Inawashiro Station in the falling snow.

次に、会津若松から 三島町 の 早戸駅 までの 只見線 の光景をいくつか。
Next, some views on Tadami Line from Aizuwakamatsu to Hayato Station at Mishima Town are shown below.

P1067037 (560x409)
途中の 会津坂下駅 ですれ違う、会津若松行の只見線の普通電車。
A local train bound for Aizuwakamatsu was seen at Aizubange Station.

P1067060 (560x415)
早戸駅 に到着し、発車してでていく 只見線 の電車。
Above picture shows the train leaving Hayato Station.

P1067067 (560x420)

P1067056 (560x420)
早戸駅前 の風景。早戸駅のすぐ下が、只見川 になっている。
Above pictures show views at Hayato Station. Tadami River flowed just beneath the station.

P1067071 (560x420)
早戸駅 から、写真の トンネル 内を歩き、10分ほどで 早戸温泉 の つるの湯 に到着します。
About ten minutes' walk through the tunnel shown above from Hayato Station took me to Tsurunoyu of Hayato Onsen.

P1067078 (560x420)
つるの湯 の入口の写真。
The picture above shows the entrance of the Tsurunoyu.

P1067077 (560x420)
つるの湯 は、食事無しの素泊まりができます。写真は、その宿泊棟です。18:30までやっている食堂もあり、そこの 地鶏そば がおいしい。
I could stay here without meals. The picture above shows the lodge. They also had soba cafe which served best local chicken soba.

P1067095 (560x420)
部屋から、只見川 の冬景色が望めます。
I could see a fine winter view of Tadami River.

P1067089 (560x393)
The source of the hot spring here was sodium chloride spring of 52.9 degrees Celsius. The spring source was flowing to the bath just as it was, thus I could recommend the best quality of the bath.



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