Akiyama-no-Komazakura, original scenery of Fukushima, April 7, 2021. (秋山の駒ザクラ 福島の原風景 2021年4月7日。)

(# Akiyama-no-Komazakura, Kawamata, Apr. 7, 2021. #秋山の駒ザクラ 川俣町 4/7/2021)
A photo above was an old single cherry tree that stood on a remote countryside of Kawamata Town. The view is typical of Japanese original countryside scenery. The tree has been taken good care of by local people and was named as “Akiyama-no-Komazakura”. The tree was designated as the town’s natural monument.

(# Akiyama-no-Komazakura, Kawamata, Apr. 7, 2021. #秋山の駒ザクラ 川俣町 4/7/2021)
This was a closer look at the tree. See how tall the tree is compared to the humans. The height is about 20 meters, which means far higher than Takizakura cherry tree in Miharu. It was in full bloom.

P4072722 (2)_570

P4072727 (3)_570
A couple of description boards stood beside the tree which are shown above. They say that the tree is 500 years old and Edohigan variety.

P4072759 (2)_570

Public transport to get there is a little bit complex. First, I took a train to JR Fukushima Station. Then I took a local bus and got off at “Oguni-kominkanmae” bus stop where michinoeki (or roadside station) Ryozen is nearby. An upper photo above shows the front space of the station building. This was a good place to have a break while waiting for the next bus. Then I took a different local bus from the same bus stop heading for bus terminal “oiwake” as shown in the bottom photo above. Then finally I walked about 2.7km to get to the goal.

The exact route and locations are shown in a map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.

Spring paradise at Ryokusuien Garden, April 6, 2021. (緑水苑の春の彩り 郡山 2021年4月6日。)

(#Ryokusuien Garden, Koriyama, Apr. 6, 2021. #緑水苑 郡山 4/6/2021)
Spring paradise appeared at Ryokusuien Garden in the outskirts of Koriyama. A photo above shows a view with Mt. Adatara in the back. Most kinds of flowering tree blossoms came out altogether. Barely no snow is left on the mountain.

(#Ryokusuien Garden, Koriyama, Apr. 6, 2021. #緑水苑 郡山 4/6/2021)
A photo above shows a view from different angle. Colors are brilliant even under cloudy sky.

Ryokusuien is located in remote outskirts of Koriyama near the border with Motomiya. This time, I took JR Ban-etsu West Line train to Akogashima Station and then took a local bus to Ichinotani bus stop, 5-minute ride, and then walked 1.7km to the garden.

The exact route and location are shown in a map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.

Cherry blossoms at JR Mogi Station, April 2, 2021. (JR舞木駅の桜 2021年4月2日)

P4022667 (4)_570
(#Mogi Station, Koriyama, Apr. 2, 2021. #舞木駅 桜 磐越東線 郡山 4/2/2021)
JR Mogi Station is right next to Koriyama Station on JR Ban-etsu East Line. It became popular recently with cherry blossoms along its station platform. A photo above was the cherry blossoms nearly in full bloom today with a train coming in. The station opened in 1914 when the oldest cherry tree was planted at the time. And since then, more cherry trees have been planted and taken care of by local people. Mogi Station is located in the outskirts of Koriyama.

(# Kaiseizan Park, Cherry blossoms, Koriyama, Apr. 1, 2021. #開成山公園 桜 郡山 4/1/2021)
In central part of Koriyama, cherry blossoms have also become in full bloom. Photo above was a view of Kaiseizan Park as of yesterday, located right in front of the city hall.

The exact locations are shown in a map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
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