Adatara Mountains and the Abukuma River in early winter, Dec. 9, 2015 (初冬 の 安達太良山 と 阿武隈川 2015年12月9日)

Today it was a clear day of an early winter. It was a chance to view the Abukuma River with the background of snow-capped Adatara mountain range. I pedaled along the river from Koriyama to Motomiya through Nihonmatsu and found some viewpoints with the combination.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151209阿武隈川と安達太良山 (560x420)

PC096067 (560x420)
The first viewpoint with the combination of Adatara Mountains and the Abukuma River was at Motomiya City as shown above.

PC096095 (560x420)
The second viewpoint was also at Motomiya City as shown above.

PC096120 (560x420)
I also found a small group of swans in the river near the second viewpoint. This spot used to be a small habitat for the migratory bird from Siberia every year. There are large habitats for swans in many other parts of the river.

PC096156 (560x418)
(Adatara mountain range and the Abukuma River, Chieko-Ohashi Bridge, Nihonmatsu City, Dec. 9, 2015, 安達太良連峰 と 阿武隈川、智恵子大橋 より、二本松市、2015/12/9)
The best viewpoint today was on the Chieko-Ohashi Bridge in Nihonmatsu City as shown above. This shows complete mountain range of Adatara including Mt. Osho, Mt. Adatara, Mt. Tetsu, Mt. Minowa, and Mt. Kimen. It also shows full stretch of the Abukuma River in front. Chieko is the name of an artist from Nihonmatsu who really loved Mt. Adatara and the Abukuma River together with the true sky over them.
本日一番のビュースポットは、二本松市 の 智恵子大橋 からでした。安達太良連峰 の山々(和尚山、安達太良山、鉄山、箕輪山、鬼面山)全てが見れて、その前を 阿武隈川 が大きく流れています。智恵子は、二本松出身の芸術家で、この安達太良山と阿武隈川、そしてその上の ほんとの空 を愛した人でした。
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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