Rice field art in neighborfood, Miharu Town, June 29, 2015 (2015年6月29日 身近な 田んぼアート、三春町 )

In my neighborhood, on the way of my daily cycling course, I found a marvelous rice field art today in Miharu Town.
いつも自転車で通っている三春町の練習コース脇に、素敵な 田んぼアート が出現しました。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150629三春町田んぼアート (560x420)

P6292093 (560x419)
First, just before the site, I found beautiful white and purple hydrangeas on the roadside with the background of clear sky as shown above.

P6292104 (560x419)
(Rice field art in Miharu Town, June 29, 2015, 三春町の 田んぼアート、2015/6/29)
And then, above is the rice field art developed in the countryside of Miharu Town. The art depicts Kibitan (left) which is the popular mascot character of Fukushima Pref. and Miharugoma (right) which is the traditional local handicraft of Miharu district. A black Miharugoma is considered as a talisman for raising healthy children, and white one for healthy life of elderly people.
上の写真が、最近出現した、三春町の 田んぼアート です。左が福島県のマスコットキャラクターのキビタン、右が、三春地方の郷土玩具の 三春駒 です。三春駒(黒)は、子育てのお守り、三春駒(白)は、お年寄りの健康のお守りと、されています。

Superb views of Lake Inawashiro and pretty white water flower in a stream, June 7, 2015 (湖南町 からの 猪苗代湖、および 清水川 の バイカモ 2015年6月7日)

Today it was an extremely clear early summer day and I visited Konamachi District of Koriyama City. I pedaled my bike over Goreibitsu Pass and down to the shore of Lake Inawashiro which was the area of the district. As I expected I could see superb views of Lake Inawashiro from some different viewpoints. I also found water plant with pretty white flowers in a small stream.
本日は、またとない初夏の晴天で、私は、郡山市の 湖南町 を訪ねました。行くときは、御霊櫃峠 を越えて、猪苗代湖畔に下りました。期待通り、猪苗代湖 の景色がとても素敵でした。また、湖南町で、小さな小川に、バイカモ(梅花藻)の白い花がたくさん咲いているのを見ました。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
">20150607御霊櫃とバイカモ (560x420)

P6071947 (560x420)
(Lake Inawashiro from Goreibitsu Pass, Koriyama City, June 7, 2015, 御霊櫃峠 からの 猪苗代湖、郡山市、2015/6/7)
At first I climbed up to the Goreibitsu Pass which is about 830 meters above sea level. Above photo shows today's clear and large view of Lake Inawashiro from there.
上の写真は、標高830mの 御霊櫃(ごれいびつ)峠からの、猪苗代湖です。はっきり、大きく見えます。

P6071976 (560x420)
(Lake Inawashiro from Konanmachi, Koriyama City, June 7, 2015, 湖南町 からの 猪苗代湖、郡山市、2015/6/7)
Then I went down to the shore of the lake and found superb calm view of the lake as shown above. It was almost windless today.

P6071971 (560x423)
On the opposite shore across the lake I could see eight small wind turbines far ahead on top of the mountain as shown above. This may be the Aizuwakamatsu Windfarm which is scheduled to start operation this year. The power is 16MW which supports 9,850 households.
対岸の会津の山の上には、小さく8基の風車が小さく見えました。今年、運転開始予定の、会津若松ウインドファーム と思われます。計16MWで、9850世帯分の電力を供給できます。
P6071991 (560x420)
(Lake Inawashiro from Oninuma viewpoint, June 7, 2015, 鬼沼 からの 猪苗代湖、湖南町、郡山市、2015/6/7)
There was another superb view of the lake from Oninuma viewpoint as shown above.
鬼沼 からの景色も素敵でした。(写真)

P6072010 (560x420)

P6072002 (560x420)
(Baikamo flowers, Konanmachi District, Koriyama City, June 7, 2015, バイカモ、清水川、湖南町、郡山市、2015/6/7)
On the way back home I stopped at a small stream called Shimizugawa. It was so small that the width of the stream was less than one meter. In this small stream I found many pretty white flowers floating on the clear water stream as shown above. This flower is of water plant called Baikamo or Ranunculus nipponicus var. submersus.
帰りに、湖南町 の 清水川 という、小さな小川に寄りました。ここは、幅が1mもない程の、小さな小川です。写真のように、水面にバイカモ (梅花藻)の白い花が、たくさん咲いていました。地元の人は、金魚草とも呼んでいます。
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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