【2013年6月30日】 緑水苑 から 磐梯熱海温泉 へ( June 30, 2013: Ryokusuien and Bandai-Atami Onsen of Koriyama City, Fukushima Pref.)

本日、8回目の福島自転車ツアーを開始しました。初日は、郡山駅まで輪行し、そこから国道49号などで、途中 緑水苑 に寄り 磐梯熱海温泉 に入る。
Today, I started the 8th bike tour in Fukushima. For the 1st day I packed my bike and took a train to Koriyama Station in Fukushima Pref. And then I pedaled mainly on National Route 49, stopped at Ryokusuien Park and finally arrived at Bandai-Atami Onsen.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130630郡山磐梯熱海 (561x367)

P6305171 (561x421)

P6305183 (561x421)
緑水苑 は、郡山市街と 磐梯熱海 の中間付近に位置し、今の時期は、アヤメ類が終わりつつあり、アジサイ、スイレンなどが咲いていました。苑内は、大勢の人でにぎわっていました。国道49号からは、写真のように、案内板があり、迷わずに入口まで行けます。
Ryokusuien Park was located between central part of Koriyama City and Bandai-Atami. Most irises were in the last stage, but hydrangea and water lily were becoming beautiful. The park was clouded with many people. From the National Route 49 there were exact guide signs such as shown in the picture and I could arrive at the entrance without getting lost.

P6305203 (561x421)

P6305212 (561x420)

P6305216 (561x421)
アヤメ類は、花菖蒲 が写真のように、一部見頃で残っていました。
Some of Japanese irises were still in good condition as shown in the pictures.

P6305220 (561x421)

P6305222 (561x421)
青色の ガクアザサイ がきれいでした。
Blue lacecap hydrangeas were beautiful.

P6305188 (561x421)

P6305208 (561x421)
大賀ハス と呼ばれる 古代ハス は、大きなつぼみをつけていました。
Ancient lotus which was called Oga lotus had big buds as shown in the picture.

P6305189 (561x420)

P6305192 (561x421)
Water lilies had many white and red flowers.

P6305237 (561x421)
水辺の アジサイ には、カエル が多数いました。上の写真には、何匹いるでしょうか。なんと、7匹います。
I could find many frogs on hydrangea near water. How many can you find in the picture above? The answer is seven.

P6305236 (561x421)

P6305246 (561x420)
Close views of frogs on the leaves of hydrangea are shown above.

P6305230 (561x420)

P6305239 (561x421)
ピンクの ガクアジサイ の花(実際はガク)にも、カエル が。
Also on the flowers (actually on the calyxes) of pink lacecap hydrangea there were flogs.

P6305263 (561x420)

P6305253 (561x421)
Tonight I stayed at Fujiya Inn of Bandai-Atami Hot Spring as shown in the picture above. Although it was a small inn very close to Bandai-Atami Station shown in the picture, it was a very comfortable inn with very good homemade meal served in each room.

P6305270 (561x421)
At Bandai-Atami Onsen it was usual that mixed hot spring water (this water was heated and also chlorinated by the City) of 53 degrees Celsius was used. However this inn also had real natural hot spring of 33 degrees Celsius as shown in the picture above. Although I could not take a bath in this small bath tub but I could use this useful hot spring water for washing my body.

【2013年6月15日】 JR 只見線、そして 三島町 の 宮下温泉 へ( June 15, 2013: JR Tadami Line and Miyashita Onsen of Mishima Town, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、南会津町 の 南郷 を出発し、只見町 を経由して、国道252号 で 只見川 に沿って進み、三島町 の 宮下温泉 に入る。午後から雨の予報のため、朝8時過ぎに出発し、約80kmを三島町まで直行した。正午過ぎに着き、雨を免れた。
Today I left Nango district of Minamiaizu Town and via Tadami Town I pedaled along Tadami River on National Route 252 and finally arrived at Miyashita Onsen of Mishima Town. Since weather forecast said it would start raining in the afternoon, I started at eight in the morning and went direct to Mishima Town without stop. I arrived just after noon thus before rain started.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130615南会津町南郷から三島町へ (561x370)

P6155091 (561x427)

P6155092 (561x419)
三島町 に到着後、写真のように、只見川 の鉄橋を渡る会津若松行のJR 只見線 の列車に会った。
After arriving at Mishima Town I came across with a train of JR Tadami Line bound for Aizuwakamatsu which crossed a railroad bridge over Tadami River as shown in the pictures above.

P6155096 (561x420)

P6155108 (561x421)

P6155106 (561x421)
三島町 は、冬は豪雪に閉ざされる町だが、その中心部に、写真のJR 会津宮下駅 、および 宮下温泉 がある。会津宮下駅 には、会津川口行の列車がちょうど到着した。
Mishima Town is used to be covered with heavy snow in winter and it has JR Aizumiyashita Station as shown in the pictures above and also Miyashita Onsen near the center of the town. I just met with a passenger train bound for Aizukawaguchi.

JR 只見線 は、2年前の豪雨被害で、鉄橋など複数個所が寸断され、会津川口駅 と 只見駅 の間が、バス代行運転である。駅員に聞くと、列車の再開は、復旧工事がまだ始まっておらず、現在まだ見通しがたっていない。
JR Tadami Line had been destroyed in some places such as railroad bridges by the heavy rain disaster two years ago. Shuttle bus service replaced the train service between Aizukawaguchi and Tadami stations. A station officer said that restoration work had not yet been started thus no one could tell when the train service would resume.

P6155111 (561x420)
I found a nice tourist center with nice cafe near the station as shown in the picture above.

P6155083 (561x421)

P6155123 (561x420)
今夜は、駅の近くにある、宮下温泉 の写真の 栄光館 に泊まる。浴室から、只見川 を見ながら、源泉掛け流しの実に良い湯に入ることができる。穴場の良い宿である。
Tonight I stayed at Eikokan Inn of Miyashita Onsen as shown in the pictures above. I could see Tadami River from the bath with very nice overflowing natural hot spring. I can recommend here.

明日は、会津宮下駅 からJR 只見線 で輪行して、自宅まで帰ります。6月のレポートはこれが最後となり、次回は7月に、磐梯吾妻スカイラインを計画中です。
Tomorrow I will pack my bike and return home from Aizumiyashita Station by JR Tadami Line thus this is the last report of June. Next I am planning a bike tour of Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road in July.

【2013年6月14日】 南郷スキー場 の ヒメサユリ 、宮床湿原 の ニッコウキスゲ など( June 14, 2013: Himesayuri at Nango Ski Slope, and Nikkokisuge at Miyatoko Marsh )

本日は、宿の脇の道から、南郷スキー場 を徒歩で登り、更に 宮床湿原 まで往復し、さゆり荘 に戻る。徒歩で、往復約4時間であった。
Today, I climbed up Nango Ski Slope by foot on the road beside the inn, and then walked to Miyatoko Marsh, and finally returned to Sayuriso Inn. It was four hours round trip.

P6144989 (561x421)
まず、南郷スキー場 では、写真のように、ヒメサユリ が見頃になっていました。
At Nango Ski Slope himesayuri which was Japanese name for Lilium rubellum was best to see as shown in the pictures above.
但し、6月9日、6月10日の「 ひめさゆりの丘 」の方が、規模や花の勢いがはるかに良いと感じました。この近くの高清水自然公園に、大規模な自生地がありますが、残念ながら、見頃は1週間後となり、今回はパスです。
However, those himesayuris which I viewed on June 9 and June 10 were far better than those at Nango Ski Slope. Although there was another large natural habitat of himesayuri at Takashimizu Nature Park close to here, it will take another week for best to see.

P6145081 (561x421)

P6145008 (561x420)
南郷スキー場 では、少ないながら、写真のように、ニッコウキスゲ (日光黄菅)も咲いていました。
Also at Nango Ski Slope I could find some nikkokisuges which were kind of hemerocallis with yellow flower.

P6145016 (561x421)

P6145055 (561x366)

P6145024 (561x421)
宮床湿原 は、5月14日にも訪問し、カタクリや水芭蕉が咲いていましたが、1か月後の今回は全く景色が変わっていました。まず、写真は入口や説明です。
As for Miyatoko Marsh, the view was completely different from the one I saw on May 14 with dogtooth violets and skunk cabbages which was a month ago. The pictures above show the entrance and explanation.

P6145044 (561x421)

P6145029 (561x421)

P6145051 (561x420)
最初に、ニッコウキスゲ が見頃になっていました。
First of all Nikkokisuges were in best bloom.

P6145049 (561x420)

P6145026 (561x421)
次に、背が低く花の大きい、レンゲツツジ (蓮華躑躅)もきれいに咲いていました。ヤマツツジとは異なるものです。
Next, renge azaleas which were short and had large flowers were in beautiful bloom. Those were different from wild azareas.

P6145033 (561x420)

P6145036 (561x421)
また、ワタスゲ もありました。
There were also cotton grasses.

P6145057 (561x421)

P6145058 (561x421)
最後に、宮床湿原 に行く途中の道脇に、写真のように、ピンク色の濃いタニウツギ (谷空木)がきれいでした。
Last of all, at roadside on the way to Miyatoko Marsh I found pretty pink Weigela holtensis.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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