Full bloom at Bairinji and 21st Century Park, Iwaki, March 11, 2023. 磐城汤本的梅花和河津樱花盛开。三月十一号二〇二三年。いわき湯本の梅林寺と河津桜が満開 2023年 3月11日。

P3114868 (3)_570
(#Bairinji Temple, Iwaki, Mar. 11, 2023. #梅林寺 いわき湯本3/11/2023)
Today is the 12th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. I visited Iwaki in Hamadori Region. Thanks to the recent warmer days flower blossoms were in full bloom here. Photo above shows ume or plum blossoms in full bloom at Bairinji Temple. It’s about 30-minute walk from JR Yumoto Station of Joban Line.

P3114847 (2)_570
(#Bairinji Temple, Iwaki, Mar. 11, 2023. #梅林寺 いわき湯本3/11/2023) 
Photo above shows another pink and white ume blossoms in the precinct.

P3114853 (2)_570
Photo above shows Bairinji Temple building.

P3114905 (2)_570
(#Kawazu cherry, 21st Century Park, Iwaki, Mar. 11, 2023. #河津桜 21世紀公園 いわき湯本3/11/2023)
I walked further north until I reached Kawazu cherry field at 21st Century Forest Park. The cherry blossoms were also in full bloom as shown above. Many people enjoyed viewing.

P3114886 (2)_570
Photo above is a close-up view of Kawazu flower petal.

P3114876 (2)_570

P3114880 (2)_570
(#Kawazu cherry, 21st Century Park, Iwaki, Mar. 11, 2023. #河津桜 21世紀公園 いわき湯本3/11/2023)
Some of other views are shown above.

Bairinji Temple and 21st Century Forest Park are both located within walking distance from Yumoto Station of JR Joban Line. So, it’s convenient to visit both sites at the same time.

The exact GPS locations and route are shown in a map below. The map can be scaled up and down with click and scroll.

Traditional New Year decorations, Iwaki, January 22, 2021. (日本伝統の正月飾り いわき市暮らしの伝承郷 2021年1月22日。)

P1222388 (2)_570
(#New Year decoration, Kurashi-no-Denshogo, Iwaki, Jan. 22, 2021. #伝統の正月飾り 暮らしの伝承郷 いわき1/22/2021)
Today I visited Kurashi-no-Denshogo Museum in Iwaki City. They are having special exhibition on traditional Japanese New Year decorations until the end of January in lunar calendar. Photo above was one of them in Igari Family house built in early Meiji period.

At Kurashi-no-Denshogo Museum old houses are moved to here for preservation of tradition from late Edo to early Meiji period, some 150 years ago. All the houses were from local districts of Iwaki area. Photo above shows a map of the old house zone.

Each family has its distinctive style of New Year decoration as shown below.

Photo above shows New Year decoration at Kawaguchi Family house.

P1222398 (2)_570
(#New Year decoration, Kurashi-no-Denshogo, Iwaki, Jan. 22, 2021. #伝統の正月飾り 暮らしの伝承郷 いわき1/22/2021)
Photo above shows that of Takagi Family house from late Edo period accompanied by Iwaki Dharma dolls.

Photo shows one of the old houses, Kawaguchi Family house built in 1871.

On the earth floor of Kawaguchi Family house, I found an extraordinary New Year decoration as shown above. It stood from the ground right up to a roof beam, decorated with pine and nandina branches as well as zigzag-shaped sacred paper.

P1222392 (2)_570
(#Shichifukujin, Kurashi-no-Denshogo, Iwaki, Jan. 22, 2021. #七福神 デコ屋敷 暮らしの伝承郷 いわき1/22/2021)
A set of masks of Shichifukujin or seven lucky gods was placed at one of the houses as shown above. These were made at Dekoyashiki workshop in Koriyama.

(#Iwaki Enobori flag, Kurashi-no-Denshogo, Iwaki, Jan. 22, 2021. #いわき絵のぼり 暮らしの伝承郷 いわき1/22/2021) 
Near the reception of the museum I found a display of traditional Iwaki Enobori flag as shown above. The flag, made more than 100 years ago, looked really powerful.

The exact route and location are shown in a map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.

Iwaki 3.11 Memorial and Revitalization Museum (Miraikan), Aug. 19, 2020. (いわき震災伝承みらい館 2020年8月19日)

P8191955 (2)_580

P8191960 (2)_580
Today, I visited 3.11 Memorial Museum Miraikan at Usuiso, Iwaki City. It was located on the foot of Shioyazaki Light House, and in the back of Usuiso seaside beach. Both are popular attractions in the area. The museum opened this year for passing down the memories and lessons of the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami disaster, as well as showcasing the revitalization of the region. One of the temporary exhibits was a “miracle piano”, shown above, which suffered severe damage from the tsunami and lost the sound, but afterward was repaired by a local tuner in the city. There were scars on the surface but the gentle sound resumed. The piano had been placed in a gym of Toyoma Middle School at the time.

P8191975 (2)_580
A picture above shows Shioyazaki Light House near the center, an attraction site in the area, and the museum building toward bottom right. The picture was taken from a bus stop “Todai-iriguchi” which was the nearest bus stop by a local bus from JR Iwaki Station. It was about 30-minute bus ride through Iwaki countryside with green rice fields on both sides.

A picture above was a view of the Pacific Ocean with Usuiso beach in the middle and disaster prevention green belt in front. Due to coronavirus outbreak there were few people on the beach. This picture was taken from an observation deck on the 2nd floor of the museum.

Photo above shows the entrance and exterior of the museum building.

A sign board stood on site that said tsunami wave was 8.51m at the time and the ground where the museum stands now is 10.3m above sea level.

There was a blackboard display on which many messages were written by the grads of Toyoma Middle School, where graduation ceremony took place just in the morning of 3.11.

P8191967 (3)_580
There were many display panels for passing down and learning the facts of the 3.11 earthquake disaster. One of them shows the seismic intensity at the time over the wide area in eastern Japan triggered by M9.0 earthquake as shown above.

The museum was taking thorough measures against coronavirus such as body temperature check, hand sanitizing, registering name and other information of the visitors, providing groves for touch panels.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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