Historic sites of Tanagura, July 7, 2017 (棚倉町の史跡など 2017年7月7日)

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I stayed last night at Tanagura Town after bike climb to the summit of Mount Yamizo. This morning, before leaving the town I visited two of the historic sites. A photo above was one of them, which was called Baba-tsutsukowake Shrine. The shrine was established in this place in 1624 by the first lord of Tanagura domain Niwa Nagashige. An ancient legend Yamato-takerunomikoto and one another were enshrined. The shrine had been the most prominent one or “Ichinomiya” in Tohoku region. The main building ‘hondo’ was designated as a national important cultural asset.

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Saigo Tanomo who had been a chief retainer for Matsudaira lord family in Aizu once served as a chief priest for this shrine after the new Meiji Period started. A board above explains about his career.

P7073578 (560x405)
Then I visited nearby Tanagura Castle site. Tanagura feudal domain was established in 1622 with small scale of 50,000 ‘goku’, where one goku is equivalent of rice necessary for a person for one year. The first lord was Niwa Nagashige and he built Tanagura Castle two years later in 1624. Niwa Nagashige himself was moved to Shirakawa two years later and became the first lord with 100,000 ‘goku’. Tanagura Castle continued for about 250 years before it was burnt down in 1868 during Boshin civil war. A board above explains the details.

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Photo above shows a part of inner moat with a fountain. All the structures were gone and only the Honmaru ground in the center, inner moat, and some of stone walls were left at the site.

P7073595 (560x420)

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Finally, on the way back home I stopped at Kumogoro iris garden in Asakawa Town. It was located on the foot of Mount Kumogoro in the town. A sign board for the entrance is shown in the upper photo above. Local people have taken care of the iris garden for about 20 years and it showed beautiful scenery during every best season. Today, the season was almost over and only a part of the iris flower field was left as shown above. A local man was taking care of the plants when I visited and the next best season in late June is highly expected.

The inn I stayed last night at Tanagura was Akadate Ryokan located on a hillside. This family operated inn was actually like a business hotel with two good meals. Despite its old rustic exterior, all the rooms inside were renovated in a modern style and the owner family were very kind. With this quality the charge was very reasonable (7500 yen).

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170707棚倉浅川町 (560x421)

Bike climb on Mount Yamizo, July 6, 2017 (八溝山頂 へ チャリ で 2017年7月6日)

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Mount Yamizo (1022m) is located on the border of Fukushima, Ibaraki, and Tochigi Prefectures. On Fukushima side which is within Tanagura Town, there is a prefectural road called Mount Yamizo Line to the very summit. This is a rare public road that can take us to the summit of a 1000m class mountain. I pedaled my bike to the summit from JR Iwakitanagura Sta. Photo above shows a view of the summit with its Yamizomine Shrine. This view was taken from 3-story observatory platform right next to it.

P7063547 (560x420)
Photo above shows the summit point with its sign pole and the triangulation point. They stand within the precinct of Yamizomine Shrine.

P7063544 (560x420)
Photo above is a close-up view of the first order triangulation point.

P7063559 (560x420)
Although there was a prefectural road to the summit, the road was not paved all the way. Between 15 and 18km points from the town center of Tanagura, the road suddenly turned into gravel road as shown above. I rode my bike on and off during this period.

P7063519 (560x420)
The rest of the road was paved such as shown above, but some parts were damaged from wear and tear.

P7063523 (560x419)
The end of Fukushima road looked as shown above. Then the road changed to Tochigi road, and then to Ibaraki road.

P7063525 (560x420)
And finally I arrived at Yamizomine Shrine Torii gate as shown above. The summit was several steps away from the gate.

P7063557 (560x420)
Mount Yamizo Line road runs mostly along the upper stream of the Kuji River. A photo above shows a source stream of the Kuji River, which flows through Yamatsuri Town and then to Ibaraki Prefecture.

P7063529 (560x414)

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At last, a photo of the observatory I mentioned in the beginning is shown above. Also, a northwest view (toward Nasu) from the observatory as of today is shown in the bottom.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170706八溝山 (560x420)

You can trace the route and altitude on the map below.

【2012年8月20日】 久慈川サイクリングロード で ( Aug. 20, 2012: By Kujigawa Cycling Road )

矢祭町 を出発し、明日の福島市へ向かう中継地点として、郡山市へ。福島県道の 久慈川サイクリングロード (22km)から、県道44号、国道4号を通って行きます。GPSログは下の通り。
Today, I started Yamatsuri Town bound for Koriyama City, the last goal being Fukushima City tomorrow. Starting from Kujigawa Cycling Road which was 22km long built by Fukushima-Ken, I pedaled through R44 and R4. GPS logged data was shown below.

0訂20120820矢祭郡山 (560x340)

P8190906 (560x420)

写真は、久慈川サイクリングロード の起点の標識と、その近くの風景です。夏場の草が伸びている場所もありますが、久慈川に沿い 棚倉町 まで安全に心地よく走れます。
Two pictures show the sign of the start point of the "Kujigawa Cycling Road", and the view near that point. Although summer bush was partly growing large, I could run safely and comfortable along the Kuji River through Tanakura Town.

終点の標識です。このあとすぐ、国道118号の 棚倉トンネルですが、 自歩道完備で安全に通れます。
The above photo shows the sign at the end of the Cycling Road. "Tanakura-Tunnel" which immediately followed had wide side road for bike and pedestrian. This enabled me to go through safe.

今夜の宿は、郡山市の南部に位置する 月光温泉クアハイム 。非常に安く、広いきれいな部屋、かけ流し温泉有りで、自転車乗りの中継宿に推奨です。
Tonight, I stayed at "Gekko Onsen Kurheim" located in the southern part of Koriyama City. I can recommend this lodge for bike tourists by very reasonable price, spacious and clean room, and the real hot spring.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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