Totsube cherry blossoms in Yamatsuri Town, April 1, 2016 (矢祭町 の 戸津辺の桜、満開 です 2016年4月1日)

P4016739 (560x420)
(Totsube cherry tree in full bloom, Yamatsuri Town, April 1, 2016, 戸津辺の桜 満開 矢祭町 2016/4/1)
Totsube giant cherry tree in Yamatsuri Town in the southernmost part of Fukushima Pref. has become in full bloom today. This is the earliest cherry tree to bloom in Fukushima Pref. every year. The tree is 600 years old and is Edohigan kind of cherry tree.

P4016773 (560x384)
A sign board above explains that this old cherry tree, which used to bloom earliest every year from old days, was so large that it was acknowledged from the other bank of the Kuji River which flows distance away.

P4016751 (560x420)
JR Suigun Line train can be seen from above near the cherry tree.

P4016790 (560x420)
(Totsube cherry tree and JR Suigun Line train, Yamatsuri Town, April 1, 2016, 戸津辺の桜 JR水郡線 矢祭町 2016/4/1)
The giant cherry tree can also be looked at from beside the railroad track of JR Suigun Line.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
戸津辺の桜 (560x420)

【2013年6月6日】 矢祭町 にて( June 6, 2013: At Yamatsuri Town.)

本日、第7回の福島自転車ツアーを 矢祭町 から開始した。茨城県から福島県の中通りに入るには、国道118号で矢祭町から入るのが、最も近い(ひたちなか市から約72km)ので、いつもこのルートになる。(経路など今年、5月の記事参照。)
Today, I started the 7th Fukushima bike tour starting from Yamatsuri Town. To enter the Nakadori area of Fukushima Pref. from Ibaraki Pref., Yamatsuri Town route using National Route 118 was the shortest in distance (roughly 72km from Hitachinaka City) thus had been repeatedly selected. (As for the route, please refer to the report of May 9, 2013.)

P6064117 (561x421)
道中、国道118号 に沿った 久慈川 の アユ漁 が6月から 解禁 になり、写真のように釣り人が川中で釣りをしていました。写真の奥は、JR 水郡線 の鉄橋。
Ayu (=sweetfish) season opened from June at Kuji River along the National Route 118. I could find many people fishing in the river as shown in the picture above. The green railroad bridge of JR Suigun Line could also be found in the picture.

P6064123 (561x420)

P6064120 (561x420)

P6064122 (561x467)

P6064124 (561x420)

P6064126 (561x421)
今夜の宿は、いつもの 滝ノ沢温泉 の 上の湯旅館 。今回は、写真のように宿の庭の花が沢山咲いていました。紫色のテッセン(鉄線、またはクレマチス)や、白花のシャクヤク(芍薬)、滝ノ沢に沿って咲く黄色のハナショウブ(花菖蒲)など。
Tonight I stayed at Kaminoyu Inn of Takinosawa Onsen. This time I could find many flowers blooming in the garden as shown in the pictures above. Some of them were violet clematis, white Chinese peony, and yellow Japanese iris along the Takinosawa stream.

【2013年5月9日】 矢祭山 のツツジ ( May 9, 2013: Azaleas at Yamatsuriyama of Fukushima Pref.)

本日、2013年5月のツアーを開始しました。今回も、福島県 矢祭町 からスタートし、各地の春の花を中心に福島の魅力をお届けします。最初は、矢祭山 の ツツジ です。
Today, I started Fukushima bike tour of May 2013. This time I started the tour from Yamatsuri Town the same as last April, and will present much attractiveness of Fukushima in terms of spring flowers. First up, beautiful azaleas of Yamatsuriyama can be seen below.

The actual route is shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data are from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

20130509ひたちなか市矢祭町 (561x349)

P5093337 (561x421)

P5093308 (561x421)

P5093334 (561x421)

P5093312 (561x421)

P5093316 (561x421)

P5093322 (561x421)
JR 矢祭山駅 の対面にある 矢祭山公園 では、上の写真のように、ヤマツツジ が山全体に咲いていました。既に、全体の見頃のピークは過ぎていましたが、「 きりしま 」と呼ぶ紅色の ヤマツツジ が全盛でした。
At Yamatsuriyama Park in front of JR Yamatsuriyama Station, wild azaleas were still in bloom all over the mountain as shown in the pictures above. Although the best to see had been over, the kind of azalea with dark red flowers called Kirishima was in full bloom.

P5093324 (561x421)
If you bow with your hands together to the pine tree of the picture above, then you will get good answers for road safety and family safety.

P5093361 (561x421)

P5093365 (561x421)
久慈川を挟んで反対側にある、夢想苑 の庭でも、同様にツツジがまだきれいに咲いていました。(上の写真)
At Musoen Garden which was located across the Kuji River, azaleas were still in good bloom as shown in the pictures above.

P5093371 (561x421)
本日の宿は、矢祭町でいつも利用する 滝ノ沢温泉 の 上の湯旅館 です。この宿の湯は、無色透明のぬるぬるした湯であり、刺激が少なく自然と疲れが取れます。また、この宿の食事は、自家食材の新鮮なのがとても良いです。
Tonight I stayed at Kaminoyu Inn of Takinosawa Onsen as usual. This inn had good bath with slimy hot spring water with neither color nor odor which made me so relaxed. And this inn served best meal with fresh out of the garden foods.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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