Nikkokisuge habitat at Kawauchi Village, May 25, 2018. (川内村のニッコウキスゲ自生地 2018年5月25日)

P5256456 (560x420)
(Nikkokisuge at Kawauchi, May 25, 2018. 川内村 の ニッコウキスゲ 5/25/2018)
The weather seemed to be fine for consecutive three days from today, so I decided to travel by bike for the first time in several months. Today I pedaled from Koriyama to Kawauchi Village which was roughly 60km away. I found a beautiful habitat of Nikkokisuge or day lily, a variety of Hemerocallis, along Prefectural Road 36 in the village as shown above. It was not a large area, but the flowers have just started to bloom here and there on a roadside slope.

P5256404 (560x420)
On the way to Kawauchi, I found large wind turbines rotating on Abukuma Heights as shown above. These were part of Hiyamakogen Windfarm.

P5256399 (560x420)
There was a pass of 760m above sea level on the border from Tamura to Kawauchi, where a welcome sign stood as shown above.

P5256407 (560x420)
It was a lunch time when I arrived at the village center and I took a break at Café Amazon shown above. This was the first one of Thailand based café chain stores opened in Japan in 2017. The original Amazon coffee was excellent.

P5256470 (560x420)
I strolled around the village area and noticed that many of the paddy fields were ready to grow rice of this year as shown above.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20180525川内村へ (560x420)

You can trace the route and altitude in the map below.

Bike climb on Mount Yamizo, July 6, 2017 (八溝山頂 へ チャリ で 2017年7月6日)

P7063533 (560x420)
Mount Yamizo (1022m) is located on the border of Fukushima, Ibaraki, and Tochigi Prefectures. On Fukushima side which is within Tanagura Town, there is a prefectural road called Mount Yamizo Line to the very summit. This is a rare public road that can take us to the summit of a 1000m class mountain. I pedaled my bike to the summit from JR Iwakitanagura Sta. Photo above shows a view of the summit with its Yamizomine Shrine. This view was taken from 3-story observatory platform right next to it.

P7063547 (560x420)
Photo above shows the summit point with its sign pole and the triangulation point. They stand within the precinct of Yamizomine Shrine.

P7063544 (560x420)
Photo above is a close-up view of the first order triangulation point.

P7063559 (560x420)
Although there was a prefectural road to the summit, the road was not paved all the way. Between 15 and 18km points from the town center of Tanagura, the road suddenly turned into gravel road as shown above. I rode my bike on and off during this period.

P7063519 (560x420)
The rest of the road was paved such as shown above, but some parts were damaged from wear and tear.

P7063523 (560x419)
The end of Fukushima road looked as shown above. Then the road changed to Tochigi road, and then to Ibaraki road.

P7063525 (560x420)
And finally I arrived at Yamizomine Shrine Torii gate as shown above. The summit was several steps away from the gate.

P7063557 (560x420)
Mount Yamizo Line road runs mostly along the upper stream of the Kuji River. A photo above shows a source stream of the Kuji River, which flows through Yamatsuri Town and then to Ibaraki Prefecture.

P7063529 (560x414)

P7063536 (560x420)
At last, a photo of the observatory I mentioned in the beginning is shown above. Also, a northwest view (toward Nasu) from the observatory as of today is shown in the bottom.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170706八溝山 (560x420)

You can trace the route and altitude on the map below.

Bunasaka Spring and Dakikaeri Falls at Oze, June 20, 2017 (尾瀬 の ブナ坂の清水 抱返の滝 2017年6月20日)

P6205309 (560x420)
Today was the last day of 3-day Oze tour. I visited three waterfalls today, where Bunasaka Spring Falls or Bunasaka-no-shimizu was one of them, which looked as shown above. The waterfall was located along National Road 352 between Ozemiike and Nanairi. It was really a refreshing view with plenty of fresh spring water falling down the roadside natural slope.

P6205286 (560x420)
About 5-minute walk down the road, there was an observatory for another waterfall called Mokake Falls as shown above.

P6205285 (560x410)
A description board above said that it was named after women’s clothes which date back to Heian Period.

P6205230 (560x420)
After I left Lake Ozenuma this morning, I first visited Sanpeishita, where Mount Hiuchigatake, a symbol of Oze, Looked as shown above, reflected upside down on the lake.

P6205280 (560x408)
Then I changed direction toward Numayama Pass (1784m) and after passing it I farther descended toward a waterfall called Dakikaeri-no-taki or Dakikaeri Falls. All these mountain trails were part of an old Numata Highway. In old days, people of Hinoemata used to travel by foot all the way to Numata, Gunma Pref. passing mountains of Oze. Dakikaeri Falls was located some 30-minute descent from Numayama rest point and it looked as shown above. (Although the photo is not good, it can give an image of the falls.) The water fell along a large rock creating a unique water pattern on the surface. The only human being I met along the trail down to the falls was a woman climbing up from Nanairi.

P6205244 (560x420)

P6205243 (560x420)
I happened to find white or pink small flowers I did not know. I checked on a picture book and found they were Komiyama-katabami or Oxalis acetosella as shown above.

This is the end of 3-day Oze tour report. I uploaded my blog for the three days all at once because Oze area was out of internet coverage.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170620ブナ坂清水 (560x419)

You can trace the route and altitude in the map below.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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