Nature of Tadami in autumn, October 31, 2020. (只見の秋 2020年10月31日)

(#Beech forest, Yonasawa, Tadami, Oct. 31, 2020. #ブナ林 余名沢 只見 10/31/2020)
I participated in a small nature walking tour held by Tadami Beech Center at Tadami Town today. The site was a nature trail in pristine beech forest along the Yona Stream at eastern part of Tadami. It was in full autumn colors in this season as shown above. This was the very core of Tadami which was designated as Biosphere Reserve under the UNESCO program.

PA312128 (2)_570
Because the beech forest tour started early in the morning, I stayed near the site the night before. The excellent hot spring inn was called “Tokinosato-Yurari” as shown above. The tour started from here.

PA312163 (2)_570
On the ground of the forest, many young beech trees grew with the leaves changing color as shown above. We learnt a lot about beech trees and how local people took advantage of them in their life from three guide members of the Beech Center. I was grateful for that as well as for the kind support during the walk.

PA302109 (2)_570
On the way to the inn the day before, I took JR Tadami Line train which went along the Tadami River, and I stopped at a new museum facility called “Miori” located 5-minute walk from Aizunakagawa Station. This facility, as shown above, was built and operated by Tohoku Electric Power Company (Tohoku-EPCO). The main feature of the museum is to display hydro power generation. The Tadami River hosts about 10 hydro power stations and has been one of the major renewable power sources over the past years.


PA302122 (2)_570

Photos above show one of the corners called “hydro power square”. It shows history, basics, and locations of the hydro power stations. Major development of hydro power stations along the river started after the World WarⅡand 6 of them were built and operated by Tohoku-EPCO.

PA302116 (2)_570
I was surprised that the company song was also created by Fukushima’s great composer Koseki Yuji as shown above.

PA302101 (2)_570

PA302090 (2)_570
(#Tadami Line, new train, Oct. 30, 2020. #只見線 新電車 金山町 10/30/2020)
By the way, Tadami Line train was updated this spring to a new design. Photos above are of the new ones. The interior was also comfortable.

PA312174 (2)_570
(#Lake Tagokura, Tadami, Oct. 31, 2020. #田子倉湖 只見 10/31/2020) 
In the afternoon of the next day, after the beech forest tour, I joined in a local sightseeing tour of Lake Tagokura arranged by the tourist center. Photo above was a view from Tagokura Dam observation spot, called Tagokura Lake View, surrounded by autumn colors.

And this shows a large-scale hydro power station at Tagokura Dam in the opposite direction.

(#Lake Tagokura, Tadami, Oct. 31, 2020. #田子倉湖 只見 10/31/2020)
Photo above was another view overlooking the lake from Rokujurigoe Pass Memorial site.

Trees were colorful everywhere along the national route 252 as shown above.

The exact route and locations are shown in the maps below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.


Autumn rose garden at Kaiseizan Park, October 9, 2020. (開成山公園の秋のバラ園、2020年10月9日。)

Today, I visited Koriyama City Hall in order to take a glance at Tokyo 2020 Olympics torch temporarily being displayed during this week. But before that, I stopped at a rose garden of Kaisezan Park located just across the road from the hall. A picture above was a view of autumn roses blooming now. The rose garden has two seasons, spring flower and autumn flower seasons. Autumn season usually peaks in early to mid-october. The blooming scale of autumn roses is smaller than that of spring season.


Some other views in the garden are shown above.

PA092083 (2)_570
2020 Olympics torch relay is now hopefully expected to take place starting from J-Village in Fukushima Prefecture on March 25th, 2021. The torch is relayed by thousands of torch bearers until it finally reached to Tokyo on July 23rd. Before the start, the torch is circulated among municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture starting from Koriyama for display to the public. Photo above was the torch on display at the hall today. Although 2020 Olympics is still up in the air due to the pandemic, the torch is a symbol of the reconstruction of the region from the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.

Koseki Yuji Seishun Hall in Fukushima, July 11, 2020. (福島市の古関裕而青春館 2020年7月11日)

Today, I had a meeting in Fukushima City in the morning. On the way back to JR Fukushima Station, I stopped at Koseki Yuji Seishun (=Youth) Hall located in the city center. It is located 15-minute walk from the station. Or you can take a special wrapped bus featured “Yells” as shown in a picture above. “Yells” is a name of NHK’s morning TV drama series currently on air in which Koseki Yuji is a main character.

The great composer Koseki Yuji was born in Fukushima City right in this neighborhood and lived his youth age. His parents ran a long-established kimono silk fabric store. The traditional wooden sign board of the shop which was more than 5 meters long was on display as shown above.

P7111921 (2)_570

Antique record player and cash register which were used in the house were also on display. These machines were of state of the art at the time.

Lastly, here are one of my favorite songs of him which depicted an old mountain train connected between Numajiri and Kawageta in Inawashiro. Both video footages are short sections of a video which were on screen at the hall.

P7121933 (2)_570
Right next north to the hall, I found a silk item shop called Oriwori and they had silk face masks on sale made from world quality Kawamata silk. I purchased one for trial as shown above and let’s see how it works.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.

To date, I’ve been rather focused on cycling and mountain hiking in Fukushima Prefecture. But I accidentally had an injury riding my bike this May and because of my age in late 60’s, from now on I want to shift to walking tour using public transportation. With this new style, I want to further find hidden treasures in Fukushima.

Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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