Congratulations! Ban-etsu Monogatari SL resumed at Nigorigawa Bridge, July 29, 2023. 恭喜SL磐越物语火车在浊川桥梁上再通了,七月二十九号二〇二三年。祝! SLばんえつ物語 濁川橋梁に復活 2023年 7月29日。

(#Ban-etsu Monogatari SL at Nigorigawa Bridge, Kitakata, July 29, 2023. #SLばんえつ物語 濁川橋梁 喜多方7/29/2023)
Today was the first day that Ban-etsu Monogatari steam locomotive event train resumed its passing on Nigorigawa Bridge over the Nigori River, Kitakata. The bridge is for JR Ban-etsu West Line train and a part of it collapsed due to a heavy rainfall last August. A bridge pier was reconstructed with a new concrete structure and some other old ones were repaired. The bridge reopened last April for local trains and this time an event train resumed its operation. Photo above shows Ban-etsu Monogatari SL train with seven special passenger cars from Yamato Station going through the bridge bound for Kitakata Station. (Nigorigawa viewpoint in the map.) A white concrete pier in the center of the bridge is the new one. A man taking photo may also be celebrating the event. Nigorigawa Bridge is located about 20-minute walk west from JR Kitakata Station.

(#Ban-etsu Monogatari SL at rice field, Kitakata, July 29, 2023. #SLばんえつ物語 田園 喜多方7/29/2023)
The photo shows Ban-etsu Monogatari SL return train running through a rice field from Kitakata to Yamato Station. (Rice field viewpoint in the map.) The rice field in Kitakata perfectly recovered as well from the last year’s rainfall disaster.

Please take a look at short video (10s) below to feel the atmosphere.

The exact GPS locations and routes are shown in a map below. The map can be scaled up and down with click and scroll.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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