Soil recycling demonstrative project at Iitate, May 21, 2022. 在饭馆村土壤再生证实事业 五月二十一号二〇二二年。飯舘村長泥土壌再生実証 2022年5月21日。

(# Soil recycling, Nagadoro, Iitate, May 21, 2022. #飯舘村長泥土壌再生5/21/2022)
Today I visited soil recycling demonstrative project at Nagadoro, Iitate Village. This is a national project led by Ministry of the Environment aiming at recycling soil generated by decontamination work in Fukushima Prefecture. After foreign materials are removed from the original soil, it is measured and confirmed that it is under the radioactivity safety standard (lower than 5,000Bq/kg). The recycled soil is covered with ordinary soil of more than 50cm thick and used. This project at Nagadoro aims at using recycled soil for farmland. A photo above shows pilot greenhouse field growing flowers. Local farmers are cooperative with the program and the current target farming area is 34ha.

P5213459 (2)_570
Rice field is also included in the project. A photo above shows a new pilot rice field just been planted three days before.

P5213442 (2)_570
The recycled soil is produced at the onsite soil recycling factory. A photo above shows a scene inside the factory. Soil generated by decontamination work is carried into the facility and it produces safe recycled soil for building new farmland.

A photo above shows central monitoring room where all the measurements in the project’s area are monitored including radiation, process and others.

P5213450 (2)_570
A photo above shows a new farmland construction site using recycled soil. AI controlled unmanned machinery is used.

P5213422 (2)_570

Nagadoro demonstrative project site is located about 30-minute drive south from Iitate Village Hall shown above (upper). The site is located within “difficult to return to zone” as well as “special reconstruction hub area” designated by the national government at this moment. (The area is expecting lifting of evacuation order by next spring.) Ministry of the Environment took us from near the Iitate Village Hall to the site by bus and gave us a tour guide. I took a local bus from JR Fukushima Station to the nearest bus stop “Iitate Fureaikan-mae” shown above (bottom) and walked to the hall (about 40 minutes).

The exact route and locations are shown in a map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.

Isabella Bird's journey (1878) in Fukushima. 伊莎贝拉巴德的在福岛县足迹。イザベラ・バードの福島路。 2022年5月14日 公開。

An English woman traveled across Fukushima Pref. in 1878 right after Japan opened its country. This 5.5-min. video presents you her 5-day traces back then. Please take a look!

Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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