Tadami Line view in winter, Mishima Town, Fukushima, Feb. 15, 2015 (冬の只見線、第一鉄橋 2015年2月15日)

Today I visited a famous observatory for Tadami Railway Line near Roadside Station Ozekaido Mishimajuku in Mishima Town. There are really many viewing spots along the Tadami Line and this place is one of them.

I walked from JR Aizumiyashita Station of Tadami Line to the site as shown in the map below. It was about 2.5km walk in 40 minutes one way. A young man from Tokyo for the same purpose happened to join me together toward the place. (The map can be scaled up and down by clicking it.)
20150215只見線展望台 (560x420)

P2159942 (560x420)

P2159940 (560x420)
Above photos show a view of the Roadside Station Ozekaido Mishimajuku from outside and the guideboard for the observatory.

P2159913 (560x420)
(Tadami Line train in winter, Feb. 15, 2015, 只見線 第一鉄橋 冬 2015/2/15)
Above photo shows the view from the observatory. I could see a tiny Tadami Line train passing on the bridge over Tadami River with the background of winter scenery.

Now, Miyashita Onsen (Eikoukan Inn) in the map is also a very good hot spring in Mishima Town. It is only several minutes' walk from Aizumiyashita Station.

Ad-wrapped Tadami Line for UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Tadami Town, Fukushima, Feb. 14, 2015 (ユネスコエコパーク記念 ラッピング 只見線、2015年2月14日)

Tadami Town (please see the map below) was designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve last June with its invaluable untouched wild nature. A part of the train and backup shuttle bus of JR Tadami Line have been wrapped with the advertisement of it since then.
20150214只見町 (560x420)

P2149835 (560x420)
(Tadami, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, winter, Feb. 14, 2015, 只見ユネスコエコパーク 只見川 冬 2015/2/14)
Above photo shows beautiful scenery of Tadami River and surrounding mountains this morning which are included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

P2149848 (560x419)
(Ad-wrapped shuttle bus, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Tadami Line, 只見線 ユネスコエコパーク ラッピングバス 2015/2/14)
Above photo shows a special ad-wrapped backup shuttle bus parked in front of Tadami Station.

P2149858 (560x420)
(Ad-wrapped train, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Tadami Line, 只見線 ユネスコエコパーク ラッピング電車 2015/2/14)
And above photo shows a special ad-wrapped Tadami Line train at JR Aizukawaguchi Station.

Great snow sculpture of Tokyo Station in Tadami Town, Fukushima, Feb. 13, 2015 (只見町 に 東京駅 の 大雪像 2015年2月13日)

Today I visited intensely snow covered Tadami Town of Fukushima. They are making a great snow sculpture of Tokyo Station for this year's snow festival on this weekend.

The location is in front of JR Tadami Railway Station shown in the map below. You can take JR Tadami Line from Aizuwakamatsu Station.

20150213只見町雪像 (560x420)

P2139758 (560x420)

P2139755 (560x419)
( Snow sculpture of Tokyo Station, Tadami Town, Fukushima, 東京駅 大雪像 只見町 2015/2/13)
Here it is in the above pictures still under construction the day before the event. Magnificent! This is the Tokyo Station which had the 100th anniversary last December. You can see how big it is compared to the working man there.

P2139777 (560x416)

P2139774 (560x417)
( Light up ceremony of great snow sculpture, Tokyo Station, 東京駅 の 大雪像 ライトアップ 只見町 福島県 2015/2/13)
Light up ceremony was held this evening from 7 p.m. as shown above.
P2139745 (560x420)
JR Tadami Line is now divided into two parts. Currently, backup bus service connects the two parts between Aizukawaguchi and Tadami Station. Above photo shows the train in deep snow at Aizukawaguchi Station today.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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