Cherry blossoms in Hamadori Region, Fukushima (part 1), April 12, 2017. (浜通りの桜街道(1)2017年4月12日)

P4123828 (560x420)
(Cherry blossoms at Ogawa Suwa Shrine, Iwaki City, April 12, 2017. 小川諏訪神社 枝垂れ桜 いわき市 満開 2017/4/12)
Today I started cherry blossoms tour in Hamadori Region, Fukushima Pref. I took a JR Ban-etsu East Line train with my bike in a carry bag and got off at Ogawago Sta. in Iwaki City. In this remote district of the city there was an amazing cherry tree in front of a local shrine. This weeping cherry tree, as you can see in the photo above, stood right in front of Ogawa Suwa Shrine since 500 years ago. Hundreds of people visited here today to appreciate the tree just in full bloom. A different view from a lower part is also shown below.
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(Cherry blossoms at Ogawa Suwa Shrine, Iwaki City, April 12, 2017. 小川諏訪神社 枝垂れ桜 いわき市 満開 2017/4/12)

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(Cherry blossoms at Seiryuji Temple, Naraha Town, April 12, 2017. 清隆寺 枝垂れ桜 楢葉町 満開 2017/4/12)
Then I pedaled toward east and found another large weeping cherry tree in Naraha Town as shown above. The tree stood in the precinct of Seiruji Temple located near JR Kido Sta. The branches really looked like a waterfall as I added a close-up view of a branch below.
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Today’s goal was a hotel called Naraha Cycling Terminal located within Tenjin-Misaki Seaside Park. Some of the cherry trees in the park have become nearly full bloom today as shown above.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170412いわきから楢葉 (560x421)

【2012年11月18日】 広野町 から、 楢葉町 へ ( Nov. 18, 2012: To Hirono Town, Naraha Town and return back )

本日は、 いわき湯本温泉 から海岸沿いに 国道6号 を北上し、 楢葉町 の原発事故の 警戒区域 前で折返し戻った。途中、道の駅「 よつくら港 」に寄ります。
Today, I went up north from Iwaki-Yumoto Onsen via Route 6 along the coast line, and returned back before the evacuation zone in Naraha Town for the Fukushima nuclear accident. I also visited Road Station "Yotsukurako" on the way.

20121118いわき湯本楢葉町往復gpsw (561x348)

PB181941 (2) (561x421)

PB181974 (561x421)
途中、写真の道の駅「 よつくら港 」では、イベントが開催されており、にぎわっていました。
On the way, I found the guide sign for the Road Station "Yotsukurako" which meant Yotsukura Port as shown in the picture above. Today, special event was being held as shown in the second picture and the place was clouded with people.

PB181951 (561x421)
上の写真は、その先の いわき市 の 久ノ浜 の海岸である。このような美しい風景が続きます。
The picture above shows seashore of Hisanohama area of Iwaki City a little ahead of Yotsukurako. Similar beutiful views appeared one after another.

PB181957 (561x421)
いわき市 を出ると、写真の 広野町 に入る。先にトンネルが見えますが、 いわき市 から 広野町 にかけて、8本の短いトンネルがあり、そのほとんどには、平坦な路側帯があり、自転車は安全に走行できました。
Leaving Iwaki City I entered Hirono Town as shown in the picture above. As you can see a tunnel ahead in the picture, there were total eight short tunnels from Iwaki City through Hirono town. Since most of them had nice flat side lanes, I could pedal my bike safely.

PB181962 (561x421)

PB181972 (561x421)

PB181964 (561x421)
広野町 を抜けると、写真の 楢葉町 に入る。国道6号 は、本来仙台まで行けますが、現在は原発事故の 警戒区域 が途中にあり、南から北上すると、 楢葉町 の北端で折返しになります。逆に言うと、そこまでは一般の人も安全に行けます。2枚目の写真が 警戒区域 の境界の検問所です。楢葉町 では、3枚目の写真の案内標識にある道の駅「ならは」や Jビレッジ などの施設が、現在原発事故の対策専用になっており、関係者は土日も含め必死に対策業務をしていました。
Leaving Hirono Town I entered Naraha Town as shown in the picture above. The Route 6 originally went as far as Sendai City; however, since the evacuation zone of the nuclear accident split the route, one had to return at the northern end of Naraha Town. In other words, everyone can go safely up to that point. The second picture shows the boundary of the evacuation zone. In Naraha Town there were some public facilities such as Road Station "Naraha" and J-Village as shown in the guide sign of third picture. Now they were exclusively being used for operation of the treatment for the accident. Many parties concerned were busy even in weekends.

PB181977 (561x421)

PB181987 (561x421)
今夜の宿は、上の写真の日本秘湯を守る会 の 喜楽苑 。いわき湯本温泉地区の北のはずれの高台にあります。2枚目の写真は、洞穴風呂。いわき湯本の源泉を引いてあり、実に良い湯です。この他に、この宿独自の良い鉱泉があります。
Today I stayed at Kirakuen Inn shown in the picture above which was a member of Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns. The inn was located in the northern height of Iwaki-Yumoto Onsen area. The next picture shows the cave bath. The hot spring source was the same as Iwaki-Yumoto, and the bath was really good. They also had original good mineral spring source bath.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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