【2013年6月13日】 昭和村 の大自然と 矢の原湿原 ( June 13, 2013: Great nature of Showa Village and Yanohara Marsh)

本日は、金山(かねやま)町 の 玉梨温泉 を出発し、国道400号 と 401号 で、昭和村 の山岳地帯を越えて、南会津町 の 南郷 地区へ入る。
Today I left Tamanashi Hot Spring of Kaneyama Town and by National Route 400 and 401 I went through the height of Showa Village and finally arrived at Nango area of Minamiaizu Town.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130613玉梨温泉からさかい温泉へ (561x371)

P6134758 (561x421)

P6134762 (561x421)
昭和村 に入り、しばらくすると、写真の「からむしの里」が現れる。ここは、昭和村 の特産の からむし織 (アサに近い生地)のPRと、トイレなどの休み処を兼ねている。
Soon after entering Showa Village I found "Karamushi-no-Sato" building which meant "Home of Karamushi". Here, Karamushi cloth which was a specialty of showa Village and which was similar to hemp was presented. Also this was a rest stop including Men's and Women's rooms and restaurant.

P6134789 (561x421)

P6134791 (561x421)
このすぐ先で、国道401号 へ分岐し、しばらく登ると、大芦 の集落があり、そこに写真の洒落たカフェ「 大芦家 」があります。このすぐ先で、矢の原湿原 へ分岐する。
The road branched to National Route 401 just ahead of this spot followed by some hill climb. Then Oashi village appeared and I found nice cafe called "Oashiya" as shown in the picture above. And soon after here I branched to Yanohara Marsh.

P6134797 (561x421)

P6134799 (561x421)

P6134836 (561x421)

P6134831 (561x421)

P6134853 (561x421)

P6134863 (561x421)
矢の原湿原 は、写真のように大自然の中を歩ける。
As shown in the pictures above I could walk through great nature at Yanohara Marsh.

P6134805 (561x421)

P6134840 (561x421)
また、わたすげ の花が見頃になっていました。
I also found many cotton grasses in bloom.

P6134874 (561x421)
矢の原湿原 から国道401号 に戻ると、新鳥居峠 まで、勾配10%の登り坂が現れる。
After I returned to National Route 401 there appeared tuff hill climb of 10% slope.

However, the National Route 401 was full of great nature as shown below.

P6134923 (561x421)

P6134916 (561x421)
Weigela hortensises were in beautiful bloom here and there at roadside.

P6134892 (561x420)

P6134889 (561x422)

P6134906 (561x421)
道は、うっそうとした新緑の森の中を通り、野兎 やヘビもでてくる。(クマはでません。)
The Route 401 went through deep woods of fresh green and even hare and snake came out on the road. (But no bear.)

P6134932 (561x422)
森の中では、エゾハルゼミ が、盛んに鳴いています。
Kinds of cicada were singing together in the woods.

P6134897 (561x421)

P6134895 (561x421)
Scenery valley also appeared.

P6134915 (561x421)
ようやく、標高850mの 新鳥居峠 に着き、ここから 南会津町 に入り、南郷地区に一気に下る。
Finally I arrived at Shintorii Pass of 850m and from here on downhill started to Nango area of Minamiaizu Town.

P6134943 (561x421)
今夜は、南郷スキー場わきにある、写真の さゆり荘 に泊まる。( 温泉 もあります。)
Tonight I stayed at Sayuri Inn shown in the picture above which was located just beside Nango Ski Slope.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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