【2014年4月25日】 小野町 夏井千本桜 および 郡山市 紅枝垂地蔵桜 (Apr. 25, 2014: Natsui Thousand Cherry Trees at Onomachi, and others, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、小野町 の 夏井千本桜 を訪ねました。
Today I visited Natsui Thousand Cherry Trees at Ono Town.

The location and the actual route were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)

20140425夏井千本桜他 (560x418)

夏井千本桜は,小野町 からいわき市に向かって流れる 夏井川 の両岸に沿って、地元の方が植えた、千本の桜が4月下旬に咲きます。場所は、地図の☆1です。
Natsui Thousand Cherry Trees (or Natsui Senbonzakura) spread along both banks of Natsui River which flew from Ono Town through Iwaki City. The trees had been planted by the local farmers. All the cherry trees bloom in late April every year. The location was red asterisk 1 in the map.

P4253518 (560x420)
写真は、夏井千本桜展望台 から見た光景で、壮観です。( 小野町 夏井千本桜 展望台 より 2014/4/25)
みおろせば 桜色染む 夏井川 夢にまで見た 千本桜
Above photo shows a view from the viewing deck on the hill and it was magnificent.

P4253577 (560x420)
写真は、川岸から見た、光景です。今週末は、満開続きます。( 小野町 夏井千本桜 川岸 より 2014/4/25)
Above photo shows a view from the riverbank. The full bloom will last during this weekend.

帰りに、郡山市 の 紅枝垂地蔵桜 に寄りました。この桜は、例年、三春滝桜から1週間遅れて、見頃になります。樹齢400年で、郡山市 の 天然記念物 になっています。場所は、地図の☆2です。
On the return route I stopped at famous pink weeping cherry tree called Benishidare Jizouzakura at Koriyama City. This cherry tree turns into full bloom one week after the Giant Miharu Takizakura. The cherry tree was 400 years old and had been declared Natural Monument of Koriyama City. The location was red asterisk 2 in the map.

P4253653 (560x420)
写真は、本日の 満開 の 紅枝垂地蔵桜 です。 ( 郡山市 紅枝垂地蔵桜 2014/4/25)
Above photo shows today's Benishidare Zizouzakura in full bloom.

P4253636 (560x420)
写真は、紅枝垂地蔵桜 の左に遠く、安達太良山 が見えます。 ( 郡山市 紅枝垂地蔵桜 安達太良山 2014/4/25)
Above photo shows the same tree with Mt. Adatara in far left background.

P4253582 (560x420)
At last, above photo shows a colorful garden field with full blossoms. Some nearby farmer made this garden.

【2013年4月17日】 夏井千本桜 は今週末から見頃( April 17,2013: Natsui thousand cherry trees will be best to see from this weekend )

本日は、夏井千本桜 に再度寄った後、いわき市 の いわき湯本温泉 へ向かう。
Today, I stopped at Natsui thousand cherry trees again, and then went towards Iwaki-Yumoto Onsen.

The actual route is shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data are from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

20130417小野町からいわき湯本温泉GPS (561x349)

P4173233 (561x421)
今朝の 夏井千本桜 は、上の写真の通り、見頃まではまだまだの状態。今週末から来週前半が見頃と予想。
The Natsui thousand cherry trees this morning looked as shown in the picture above thus far behind the best to see. This weekend as well as first half of the next week will be the best period.

P4173225 (561x421)

P4173228 (561x421)

P4173227 (561x421)
2007年に完成した、写真の 夏井千本桜展望台 に登った。そこからの景色は、写真の通りであるが、桜が満開になれば、壮観と思います。
I climbed to the "viewing terminal for the Natsui thousand cherry trees" shown in the picture above which had been built in the year 2007. The view from there today was as shown in the picture, and this will be a spectacle when all the cherry trees became in full bloom.

P4173213 (561x421)

P4173210 (561x421)
この 夏井千本桜 と同じところに、写真の、国の天然記念物の「 諏訪神社の翁スギ媼スギ 」がある。
In the same Natsui area there were two giant cedar trees called " Grandpa and Grandma Cedar trees of Suwa Shrine". These had been designated as National Natural Monument.

P4173250 (561x421)
夏井からいわき市へは、夏井川渓谷、および 磐越東線 に沿った県道41号を走る。緩やかな下り坂が延々続き、車も少なく、何度走っても快適。何人ものロードバイクに出会った。 夏井川渓谷 は、山桜 が写真のように咲いていました。
From Natsui to Iwaki City I pedaled on the Pref. Route 41 which went along the Valley of Natsui River and also along the JR Ban-etsu East Line. This route was a long and moderate downhill with less traffic thus I felt comfortable every time. I also met with several road bike cyclists. Many wild cherry blossoms could be seen along the Natsui River Valley as shown in the picture.

P4173257 (561x421)

P4173254 (561x421)

いわき湯本温泉 に、昼過ぎに着き、レストラン「 ヤスヒロ 」で 黒カレー の昼食。ご主人こだわりの カレー で、辛くて大変おいしい。
I arrived at Iwaki-Yumoto Onsen area in the early afternoon and I took lunch of black curry at restaurant "Yasuhiro". This black curry was the master's specialty which was very hot and delicious.

P4173270 (561x421)
本日の宿は、写真の いわき湯本温泉 の いわきゆったり館 。いわき市の 公共の宿 である。加水・加温・循環無しの、源泉掛け流しの新鮮な湯に入れます。
Today I stayed at Iwaki Yuttarikan Inn of Iwaki-Yumoto Onsen. This was a public inn of Iwaki City. I could enjoy a fresh hot spring bath with no cooling water, no heating, and no hot water circulation.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2019 
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