【2014年12月19日】 雪化粧の 御薬園 と 鶴ヶ城 (Dec. 19, 2014: Snow covered Oyakuen Garden and Tsurugajo Castle, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Pref.)

本日、会津若松市の、御薬園 と、鶴ヶ城 を訪ねました。昨日、全国的にも大雪が降り、一面 雪景色 でした。場所は、地図の☆1と2です。
Today I visited Oyakuen Garden and Tsurugajo Castle in Aizuwakamatsu City. It snowed heavily across Japan and here in Aizuwakamatsu City all were covered with snow. The locations are asterisk 1 and 2 in the map below.
20141219雪の会津若松 (560x412)

PC198832 (560x420)
会津若松駅から、写真の街中周遊バスの「 あかべえ 」で、行きます。一日何回、何処へ行っても、5百円です。
I took a city circulation red bus called Akabe as shown above. This bus can take you anywhere in the town with only 500 yen a day how many times you ride.

PC198776 (560x420)

PC198778 (560x420)

PC198718 (560x420)
まず、国指定名勝の 御薬園 です。1430年頃に、会津藩主の蘆名氏により創設された古い庭園です。1696年に、会津藩主松平氏により、現在の姿になりました。写真は、その説明と、庭園の風景です。中央に見える建物が、楽寿亭 で、藩主などの休み処でした。場所は、☆1です。 (雪の 御薬園 会津若松市 2014/12/19 )
First visit was Oyakuen Garden which was designated as the National Scenic Site. This garden was first built in 1430 by the Aizu Domain Lord Ashina. After more than 200 years from then, in 1696 the Lord Matsudaira developed this garden into the current design. Above photos show the explanation and the view. The building in the center is called Rakujutei which was used as teahouse and others. The location is asterisk 1 in the map.

PC198739 (560x420)

PC198755 (560x420)
楽寿亭 の説明と、反対側からの風景です。 (雪の 御薬園 会津若松市 2014/12/19 )
Above photos show the explanation of Rakujutei building and a view from opposite side.

PC198779 (560x420)
次に、鶴ヶ城 です。場所は、☆2です。入口の、椿坂 側からの風景です。 (雪の 鶴ヶ城 会津若松市 2014/12/19)
Next was Tsurugajo Castle. The location was asterisk 2 in the map. Above photo shows a view from Tsubakizaka Slope side.

PC198815 (560x420)
中に入り、本丸側からの光景です。 (雪の 鶴ヶ城 会津若松市 2014/12/19)
Above photo is a view from opposite side called Honmaru.

鶴ヶ城 の沿革は、次の通りです。
The followings are the brief history of the Tsurugajo Castle.
(1) The castle was first built in 1384 by Aizu Domain Lord Naomori Ashina. It was called Higashi Kurokawayakata Castle.
(2) In 1594 Aizu Domain Lord Ujisato Gamo extended the castle into 7 layer structure.
(3) In 1611 the castle suffered a big damage by a big earthquake. In 1640 Aizu Domain Lord Yoshiaki Kato repaired and changed this castle to the current 5 layer structure which we can see today.
(4) In 1868 the castle suffered a big damage by the Boshin Civil War but did not fall.
(5) In 1874 the new Meiji government once scrapped the castle.
(6) In 1965 the castle was newly rebuilt. And afterward it was designated as the National Historic Site.
(7) In 2011 all the roofing tiles on top of the castle were replaced by red tiles as the same as the old castle.
(8) Year 2015 will be 50th anniversary of the new castle.

【2014年9月27日】 第50回東北サイクリングフェスティバルinふくしま 、鶴ヶ城 、大内宿 (Sept. 27, 2014: 50th Tohoku Cycling Festival, Tshurugajo Caslte, and Ouchijuku Site, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、「 第50回東北サイクリングフェスティバルinふくしま 」 に参加しました。会津若松市の、東山温泉を出発し、鶴ヶ城 、芦ノ牧温泉駅 を通り、下郷(しもごう)町の大内宿 を経て、七日町 (なぬかまち)経由で戻ってくる、70kmのコースです。
Today I joined in the cycling event called the 50th Tohoku Cycling Festival in Fukushima. The cycling course includes starting from Higashiyama Onsen, stopping at Tsurugajo Castle, Ashinomaki Onsen Station, climbing up to Ouchijuku Site of Shimogo Town taking lunch there, and then returning to the starting point via Nanukamachi Street. The round trip distance was 70km.

The location and the actual route were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)
20140927東北サイクリングフェスふくしま (560x409)

P9277878 (560x421)
写真は、東山温泉の共同駐車場(地図のPoint 1)での、出発前の様子です。東北中心に、184名参加です。
Above photo shows the view before starting at the public parking space of Higashiyama Onsen. Up to 184 cyclists joined the event. The location was point 1 in the map.

P9277890 (560x420)

P9277899 (560x420)
最初に寄ったのは、写真の 鶴ヶ城 です。自転車を降りて、天守閣 を見学しました。天守閣から、写真のように、会津若松市街が見渡せます。鶴ヶ城 は、国指定史跡で、江戸時代までに8人の城主が入れ替わりました。新島八重は、戊辰戦争で、この天守閣で、戦いました。場所は、地図のPoint 2です。 ( 鶴ヶ城 天守閣 会津若松市 2014/9/27 )
The first stop was Tsurugajo Castle as shown above. We parked our bikes around and went inside the castle. From the top of the castle I could look over the town of Aizuwakamatsu as shown above. The origin of Tsurugajo Castle was first built in 1384 and since then eight different loads lived there one after another till 1868. It was rebuilt in 1965 and it was declared National Historic Site. Yae Niijima who was a heroine at that time once battled the new government from inside this castle at Boshin Civil War. The location was point 2 in the map.
P9277910 (560x420)

P9277909 (560x420)
次に、会津鉄道 の 芦ノ牧温泉駅 で休憩です。場所は、地図の Point 3です。猫の駅長「 ばす 」が駅のホームのベンチにいました。(写真を撮った後に、写真禁止と言われました。フラッシュ禁止だけでなく、最近写真も禁止にしたようです。)
Next, we took a short rest at Ashinomaki Onsen Station of Aizu Railway. The location was point 3 in the map. The famous cat station master named Bass was sitting on the bench of the station platform. (After taking the picture of the cat the station lady told us taking picture was prohibited recently.)

P9277911 (560x406)
大川(阿賀川)ダムでできた、若郷湖 (わかさとこ)の光景です。場所は、地図の Point 4 です。 (若郷湖 大川湖面橋より 2014/9/27)
Above picture shows the view of Lake Wakasato which was made by Okawa Dam. The location was point 4 in the map.

P9277922 (560x413)
大内宿 まで登り、昼食休憩です。ここは、標高660mの高台にあり、国指定 の 重要伝統的建造物群の保護地区 です。江戸時代の宿場町がそのままの姿で残り、まさにタイムスリップした景観です。本日は、土曜休日なので、すごい人でした。平日の訪問をお勧めします。場所は、地図の Point 5 です。(写真は、人が少なくなった一瞬を撮ったものです。) (大内宿 下郷町 2014/9/27 )
After climbing up to Ouchijuku Site, we had lunch. Ouchijuku is located in the height of 660m and the area was designated as National Important Preservation District of Traditional Buildings. The scene of post town of the Edo Period has been preserved as it was and visitors feel like slipping into generations ago. Since it was Saturday today, too many visitors were there. I can recommend the weekday visit for the relaxing walk around. The location was point 5 in the map. (Above photo was taken at the moment of the least people on the street.)

P9277926 (560x420)

P9277928 (560x421)
大内宿での昼食は、主催者が指定した写真の こめや での、お蕎麦です。
The lunch was soba noodle at the house named Komeya as shown above.

After leaving Ouchijuku we had to go another climb for a while and then started a long downhill all the way to Aizuwakamatsu. The last planned stop was traditional Nanukamachi Street, though, because the schedule being behind we just passed through the street. Anyway it was a very good ride for me in a perfect weather condition this time.

【2014年9月26日】 天鏡閣、そして さざえ堂 へ (Sept. 26, 2014: Tenkyokaku Building and Sazaedo Temple, Aizu Region, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、台風明けで天気が回復する中、会津若松まで行きました。明日の、サイクリングイベントに参加のためです。途中、猪苗代町 の 天鏡閣 、および会津若松市の さざえ堂 に寄りました。何れも、国指定 の 重要文化財 です。
Today, recovering to nice weather after 16th typhoon passed away, I pedaled to Aizuwakamatsu City from Koriyama. I am going to join in the cycling event in that city tomorrow. On the way I stopped at Tenkyokaku in Inawashiro Town and Sazaedo Temple in Aizuwakamatsu City both of which had been declared National Important Cultural Properties.

The location and the actual route were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)
20140926天鏡閣とさざえ堂 (560x414)

P9267751 (560x420)
途中、猪苗代湖東岸の上戸浜付近(場所は地図の☆1)から、対岸の会津若松の山の上に、写真のように、風力発電の風車が7基見えました。建設中で、2015年3月に運転開始予定の、会津若松ウインドファーム のものと思われます。計画では、2MWの風車が、8基の予定です。場所は、地図の☆2です。
On the way, from the east shore of Lake Inawashiro near Joukohama Beach, I happened to find 7 wind turbines on the mountain of Aizuwakamatsu far ahead as shown above. These are supposed to be wind turbines of Aizuwakamatsu Wind Farm now on construction and are planned to start operation next March. These wind turbines have 2MW of generating power each and as much as 8 turbines are planned.

天鏡閣 は、1908年(明治41年)に皇室の御別邸として建てられ、大正天皇により、天鏡閣 と命名されました。その後、1952年に、福島県に移管され、1979年に、明治の洋風建築として、国の重文に指定されました。場所は、地図の☆3です。
Tenkyokaku Building was built in 1908 as the villa of Imperial Family. It was named Tenkyokaku by Emperor Taisho which meant the villa by the mirror reflecting the sky. Afterwards it was given to Fukushima Pref. in 1952 and then declared National Important Cultural Property for its splendid western style building of Meiji Period.

P9267826 (560x420)
国道49号から、天鏡閣 に登る道からの、猪苗代湖 の光景です。この光景を見て、「天鏡」と名付けたとのことです。但し、白鳥丸とかめ丸は、当時無かったと思います。 (猪苗代湖 天鏡閣より 猪苗代町 2014/9/26)
The photo above is the view of Lake Inawashiro from the path up to Tenkyokaku. This view might have been the reason for the name. Though, the swan and the turtle ferry boats in the photo were not there in those times.

P9267816 (560x420)
天鏡閣 本館です。 (天鏡閣 本館 猪苗代町 2014/9/26)
Above picture shows the main building of Tenkyokaku.

P9267797 (560x420)

P9267783 (560x420)
室内の様子です。この他にも、すてきな部屋が、たくさんありました。 (天鏡閣 内部 猪苗代町 2014/9/26)
Above pictures show the rooms inside Tenkyokaku. I also found many other nice rooms inside.

P9267821 (560x420)
ここは、食堂もやっており、ちょうど昼時だったので、天鏡閣 オリジナルの「 ケレーライス 」を頂きました。おいしいです。
There was a cafeteria at Tenkyokaku. It was just before noon when I visited there and I ordered their original curry dish which was very nice.

次は、会津若松市内の、飯盛山 の中腹にある、さざえ堂 です。1796年(寛政8年)に建立され、上りと下りの通路が二重螺旋構造で、すれちがうことなく、登り降りできます。世界にもまれな建築構造のため、1996年に国の重文に指定されました。場所は、地図の☆4です。
Next, I visited Sazaedo Temple which stood in the middle of Mt. Iimori in Aizuwakamatsu City. It was built in 1796 and has two helical paths for up and down each. People can go up and down without passing each other. Since the building had such unique structure it was declared National Important Cultural Property in 1996.

P9267838 (560x420)
さざえ堂 の外観です。正面からではなく、側面から撮りました。らせん構造が見えます。 (さざえ堂 外観 会津若松市 2014/9/26)
Above photo shows the outside view of Sazaedo Temple. As the photo was taken from the side not from the front, the helical structure can be seen from outside.

P9267853 (560x420)
さざえ堂 の内部、下りの通路です。階段ではありません。 (さざえ堂 内部 会津若松市 2014/9/26)
Above photo shows descending path inside the Sazaedo. The path is not stairs.

P9267860 (560x414)
さざえ堂から少し上ると、戊辰戦争の 白虎隊十九士 の墓があります。20名中、1名のみ生き返った、飯沼氏により、その経緯が広く知られるようになりました。 ( 白虎隊十九士の墓 会津若松市 2014/9/26)
In just a minute walk up from Sazaedo, there were stone tombs of 19 young boy solders called Byakkotai who have committed suiside at Boshin Civil War. The facts of the tragic story were told by the only one boy named Iinuma who came back to life from death.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2019 
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