【2013年6月7日】 白河ラーメン と 小峰城址 ( June 7, 2013: Shirakawa Ramen and Komine Castle site )

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本日は、矢祭町 を出て、白河市 へ入る。矢祭町 から 棚倉町 までは、いつもの 久慈川サイクリングロード (写真)を使用。棚倉町 から 白河市 は、主に 国道289号 を使うが、写真の県道277号も活用。ここは、車が少なく、路面も良い。途中で、国道289号と合流するが、国道は一部路側帯の路面が荒れており、走りにくい。
Today I left Yamatsuri Town and went to Shirakawa City. From Yamatsuri Town to Tanakura Town, I pedaled on the Kujigawa Cycling Road (please refer to the picture above) as usual. From Tanakura Town to Shirakawa City, although the main road was National Route 289, I also used Pref. Route 277. This Route 277 had less traffic and better road condition. The Route 277 finally merged to the Route 289, and I was forced to pedal on the bumpy side road of the Route 289.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130607矢祭町から白河市へ (561x377)

明日は、東日本復興支援サイクリングイベント で、白河市 から 会津若松市 まで自転車で走る予定。その起点が、白河市の 小峰城址 。福島県は、手つかずの自然が豊富にあり、車や観光バスよりも、自転車の方が、その恩恵を直に感じることができ、環境にも良い。
Tomorrow I will pedal my bike from Shirakawa City to Aizuwakamatsu City in a cycling event held for helping East Japan reconstruction. The start point was Komine Castle site in Shirakawa City. Fukushima Pref. has abundant of natural environment and in order to share and feel this benefit as well as to preserve nature bikes may be better than automobiles or sightseeing buses.

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白河駅 から3分程のところに、写真の 楽蔵 (らくら)と呼ぶ広場があり、その中に「 二代目いまの家 」という 白河ラーメン の店がある。食べてみると、ごく正統派のラーメンという感じがして、おいしかった。
In a community square called Rakura which was about 3 minutes from JR Shirakawa Station, there was a restaurant called "The Second Generation of Imanoie" which served Shirakawa Ramen shown in the pictures above. I ordered one and it was a very orthodox ramen dish and was delicious.

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小峰城址 は、写真のように国指定の史跡になっている。現在、震災で壊れた部分を修理中。外堀には、黄色の花菖蒲がきれいに咲いていた。
The Komine Castle site had been designated National Historic Site. Today some parts destroyed by the earthquake disaster were being repaired. In the outer moat many yellow Japanese iris were in beautiful bloom.

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I found full freight train cars with a Kintaro Locomotive of JRF for JR Tohoku Line stopping at JR Shirakawa Station.

P6074160 (561x421)
Tonight I stayed at Marumiya Inn which was located near the start point tomorrow morning as shown in the picture above. The inn offered good meal with very reasonable charge.



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