New Year's animal at Takashiba Decoyashiki, and swans' arrival in Koriyama, Nov. 11, 2015 (高柴デコ屋敷 の 申 の 干支、郡山 に 白鳥 2015年11月11日)

Today I visited Takashiba Dekoyashiki village in the northeastern part of Koriyama City and purchased papier-mache monkey toys for the next year. On the way return home along the Abukuma River, I met with swans at a migratory habitat they come and stay every year.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151111デコ屋敷と白鳥 (560x420)

PB115829 (560x420)

PB115832 (560x420)
(Takashiba Dekoyashiki, Hikojimingei, Papier-mache, Koriyama City, Nov. 11, 2015, 高柴デコ屋敷、彦治民芸、申、干支、郡山、2015/11/11)
Japanese people used to love 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Next year's animal is monkey. I visited today one of the four papier-mache workshops in Takashiba Dekoyashiki village to purchase some monkey toys. The shop is called Hikojimingei as shown above. The second picture above shows the master painting colors on a halfway done papier-mache monkey.
来年の干支は、申 (さる)です。高柴デコ屋敷 には、4軒の(製作している)お店がありますが、そのうちの1軒、彦治民芸 さんに伺いました(写真)。下の写真は、ご主人が、申 の張子に、絵付けをしているところです。

PB115895 (560x420)
(Takashiba Dekoyashiki, Hikojimingei, Papier-mache, Koriyama City, Nov. 11, 2015, 高柴デコ屋敷、彦治民芸、申の干支、2015/11/11)
All four workshops in the village make papier-mache animal toys. But the design is very different. Picture above shows monkey toys made by Hikojimingei shop. I think this design is very cute and lovely. The monkey looks inviting luck for the next year.
高柴デコ屋敷の4軒は、みな干支の張子を作っていますが、その形や絵は様々です。写真は、彦治民芸 さんの 申 です。大変、かわいらしく、また、来年の福を招いている形になっています。

PB115844 (560x420)
On the way back home along the Abukuma River, I saw more than 20 swans near the other bank of the river as shown above. This is one of the places migratory swans come and stay every year.
帰りの 阿武隈川 に、20羽以上の 白鳥 が飛来しているのを、見ました。ここ( 富久山町堂坂 )は、毎年の飛来地の1つです。



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