Rokujurigoe Road along Lake Tagokura, Oct. 27, 2015 (六十里越 雪わり街道 と 只見線 2015年10月27日)

Today I pedaled along Rokujurigoe Route which connects Fukushima Pref. and Niigata Pref. This is a mountain road along Lake Tagokura and a part of it goes along JR Tadami Line. Many snow sheds and tunnels are on the way. The road is closed in winter.
本日は、六十里越 雪わり街道 を走りました。これは、福島と新潟を結ぶ、国道252号線です。田子倉湖に沿って走り、一部JR只見線に沿っています。スノーシェッドや、トンネルがたくさんあります。冬季閉鎖です。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151027Rokujurigoe (560x420)

PA275070 (560x420)
In the morning before 9am, Lake Tagokura was covered with heavy fog. But after 9am the fog disappeared quickly as shown in the picture above.
朝9時前は、田子倉湖 周辺は、濃い霧がかかっていました。9時過ぎになると、急速になくなり、写真のような光景が現れます。

PA275089 (560x420)
There is a memorial for the opening of this road near the border between Fukushima and Niigata. From the memorial point I could have an excellent view over the Lake Tagokura as shown above.
福島と新潟の境界近くに、開通記念碑 があります。そこから、写真のような田子倉湖 の景色が見れます。

PA275076 (560x420)

PA275082 (560x420)
On the border, there was a long Rokujurigoe Tunnel to Niigata Pref. At the exit of the tunnel there were two sign boards one for Niigata and another for Fukushima as shown above
福島と新潟の県境には、六十里越トンネル があります。トンネルを抜けると、写真のように、新潟と福島の看板が立っています。

PA275154 (560x420)

PA275177 (560x420)
(JR Tadami Line, Lake Tagokura, autumn leaves, Oct. 27, 2015, JR只見線、田子倉湖、紅葉、2015/10/27)
After the tunnel, I pedaled for a while through Uonuma City, Niigata Pref. and returned back. On the way back, I met with Tadami Line train going through autumn colors beside Lake Tagokura as shown above. The viewpoint is near an old JR Tagokura Station which is no more in use.

You can trace the route and altitude in the map below. (Up: 5.6%, gained altitude: 1190m)



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