Beautiful autumn colors in Minamiaizu Town, Oct. 26, 2015 (南会津町 の 紅葉、2015年10月26日)

Today, I left Ashinomaki Onsen and headed toward Tadami Town. On the way I experienced beautiful autumn colors along the National Route 289.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151026芦ノ牧から只見 (560x420)

PA264972 (560x420)
Leaving Ashinomaki Onsen, I first stopped at Shimogo Power Plant at Lake Wakasato. This is a pumped storage type hydroelectric power plant of 1000MW generation power. A view of the plant is shown above.
芦ノ牧温泉を出て、若郷湖 (わかさとこ)にある、下郷(しもごう)発電所 に寄りました。ここは、1000MWの 揚水式水力発電所 です。(写真)

PA265007 (560x420)

PA265028 (560x420)

PA265032 (560x420)
After I passed through Aizutajima which is the central part of Minamiaizu Town, I could see splendid autumn colors along the National Route 289. Some of them are shown above.
その後、南会津町 に入り、中心地の会津田島を抜けたあと、駒止峠 (923m)までの間、写真のように、すばらしい 紅葉 が見れました。

PA265045 (560x420)

PA265047 (560x419)
I pedaled up to Komado Pass which is 923m high and then went through Komado Tunnel which is about 2km long. After the tunnel I could see some other amazing autumn scenery as shown above.
駒止峠 のあと、駒止トンネル (2km)を抜けると、また写真のように、すばらしい 紅葉 に出会います。

PA265064 (560x420)
I finally entered into Tadami Town. The town has several major rivers such as the Tadami River and the Ina River. Picture above shows a view of the Ina River.
最後、只見町に入ると、写真の 伊南川 に沿って進みます。只見町には、只見川と伊南川など、大きな河川があります。

You can play back the route and altitude on the map below. (Up: 3.8%, gained altitude: 896m)



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