Refreshing Urabandai in late spring, May 29, 2015, (裏磐梯(小野川不動滝、五色沼など) 2015年5月29日)

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Today I visited some destinations of Urabandai area: Onogawafudo Falls, Lake Hibara, Rengenuma Pond, and Goshikinuma Ponds.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150529裏磐梯 (560x420)

P5291661 (560x420)
(Onogawafudo Fall, Urabandai, May 29, 2015, 小野川不動滝、裏磐梯、2015年5月29日)
The first stop was Onogawafudo Falls which was located a little farther than Lake Onogawa. It was an amazing fall of 40m high as shown above. I really had refreshing cool air with much negative ion. It was a 20-minute walk from parking space.

P5291744 (560x420)
Then I visited Lake Hibara which was the largest in Urabandai area. This lake was created by the massive eruption of Mt. Bandai in 1888. I enjoyed cruise on the lake aboard a small motorboat together with five members of Omotenashi Fukushima Guides. The photo shows one of the views from the boat.

P5291762 (560x420)
(Disporum, on the trail of Rengenuma, Urabandai, May 29, 2015, チゴユリ、レンゲ沼、裏磐梯、2015年5月29日)
And then, I walked around Rengenuma Pond trail. I found a group of pretty white flowers of Disporum along the trail path as shown above.

Finally I arrived at Goshikinuma Pond area. There was a wetland zone in the Goshikinuma Pond area. I found some kinds of late spring or early summer flowers there.

P5291830 (560x418)

P5291853 (560x414)
(Primula japonica, Goshikinuma wetland, Urabandai, May 29, 2015, クリンソウ、五色沼湿地園、裏磐梯、2015年5月29日)
First, there were many flowers of Japanese primrose or Primula japonica as shown above.
最初は、写真の クリンソウ (九輪草)です。

P5291835 (560x420)
(Senecio pierotii, Goshikinuma wetland, Urabandai, May 29, 2015, サワオグルマ、五色沼湿地園、裏磐梯、2015年5月29日)
Next I found yellow flowers of Sawaoguruma or Senecio pierotii as shown above.

P5291862 (560x420)
(Dactylorhiza aristata, Goshikinuma wetland, Urabandai, May 29, 2015, ハクサンチドリ、五色沼湿地園、裏磐梯、2015年5月29日)
I also found many flowers of showy orchis or Dactylorhiza aristata as shown above. Usually I see this flower in high mountain marshes. So this was a surprise to me.

P5291881 (560x420)
(Gentiana zollingeri, Goshikinuma wetland, Urabandai, May 29, 2015, フデリンドウ、五色沼湿地園、裏磐梯、2015年5月29日)
I also found many purple flowers of Gentiana zollingeri as shown above along Goshikinuma trail path.

Today's Colors of Goshikinuma Ponds are shown below. These colors are made by allophane particles in the water reflecting sunlight.

P5291867 (560x417)
(Bishamon-numa Pond, Goshikinuma, Urabandai, May 29, 2015, 毘沙門沼、五色沼、裏磐梯、2015年5月29日)
Photo above shows Bishamon-numa Pond as of today. The color is beautiful dark green.

P5291912 (560x420)
(Benten-numa Pond, Goshikinuma, Urabandai, May 29, 2015, 弁天沼、五色沼、裏磐梯、2015年5月29日)
Photo above shows today's color of Benten-numa Pond. The pond shows beautiful cobalt blue color through the fresh green leaves of spring trees.