Spring ephemerals at Tadami Town, Fukushima, May 2, 2015 (只見町の春、フクジュソウなど 2015年5月2日)

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Today, I visited Tadami Town and joined excursion for looking at spring ephemerals or flowers. I took JR Line to Tadami Station and then pedaled to Buna (=beech) Center Museum from which they picked us to the site along the Kurotani River.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150502只見町観察会 (560x420)

P5021211 (560x409)
First, I want to show you today's scene of Tadami Town with kanotsu River and Mt. Asakusadake in the background as shown above. Tadami Town was designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve last year.

P5021219 (560x419)
Another scene above is of Mt. Aizuasahidake which will be open to climbers this year for the first time in four years.

Along the Kurotani River in the map we could find some of spring ephemerals or short life flowers. All of these are 100% wild.

P5021241 (560x420)

P5021248 (560x420)
(Amur adonis, Tadami Town, May 2, 2015, フクジュソウの群生、只見町 黒谷川沿い 2015/5/2)
First, there was very large scale wild habitat of Amur adonis as shown above.

P5021227 (560x420)
Then we found rare kind of pale blue anemone pseudoaltaica as shown above.

P5021231 (560x420)
We also found many flowers of dogtooth violet as shown above.

P5021279 (560x419)
The staff guide showed us recently found new and endangered type of willow tree called Salix fukaoana. The flowers of the tree are shown above.

The followings are additional information on the return trip the next day. I met two different event trains for this spring vacation at the station.
(以下、追記です。) 次の日の帰りに、ホームで出会った連休中のイベント電車を紹介します。 

P5031335 (560x420)
(Kazekko Tadami Line truck train, May 3, 2015, 風っ子只見線 新緑号、会津川口駅にて、2015/5/3)
First one is Kazekko Tadami Line truck train at Aizukawaguchi Station as shown above.
まず、風っ子只見線 新緑号です。トロッコ列車になっています。

P5031345 (560x420)
(FruiTea train, Ban-etsu West Line, May 3, 2015, フルーティア、磐越西線、 会津若松駅にて、2015/5/3)
Then I met with FruiTea event train at Aizuwakamatsu Station. Special fruits and tea are served to everybody on this train.
次が、会津若松駅で出会った、磐越西線のフルーティアです。 中で、福島のフルーツを使った、ケーキと飲物がでます。