【2014年3月31日】 風の広場、猪苗代第四発電所 を経て 喜多方市 いいで荘 泊 (Mar.31, 2014: Wind Square, Inawashiro Fourth Hydroelectric Power Plant and Iideso Inn, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、郡山市 から会津の 喜多方市 まで自転車で走りました。途中、中山峠 を越えて、風の広場 、道の駅 ばんだい 、猪苗代第四水力発電所 を経て、喜多方市 の 山都(やまと) にある いいで荘 に泊りました。雪が解けて、会津 に 自転車 で行ける季節になりました。(今日は、東日本は強風で、終日西風の向かい風で、普段の2倍疲れました。)
Today I pedaled from Koriyama City all the way to Kitakata City of Aizu Region. On the way I pedaled up Nakayama Pass, stopped at Kazenohiroba Square (or Wind Square), Roadside Station Bandai and Inawashiro Fourth Hydroelectric Power Plant, and finally I arrived at Iideso Inn at Kitakata City at which I stayed tonight. Winter snow disappeared and the season opened which I could travel to Aizu region by bike.

The location and the actual route were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)

20140331郡山から山都へ (560x433)

P3311427 (560x415)
写真は、会津への入口となる 中山峠 の 中山トンネル です。
Above photo shows Nakayama Tunnel at Nakayama Pass which was at the border to Aizu Region.

P3311430 (560x422)

P3311433 (560x420)
中山トンネル を抜けた直後に、写真の 風の広場 があります。(場所は、地図の☆1です。)
ここに、250kwの 風力発電機 が一基あります。目的は、中山トンネル の ロードヒーティング や、換気・照明に使われます。ロードヒーティング は、道路内に電熱線を埋めて、冬季の融雪をするものです。
There was Kazenohiroba Square (or Wind Square) just after the tunnel at which I could take a rest. There was a large wind turbine generator of 250kw at this square. The purpose was to supply electricity for road heating at winter, air conditioning and lighting of Nakayama Tunnel. Road heating was for melting snow on the road in and out of the tunnel at winter season. (The location was shown as red asterisk 1 in the map.)

P3311436 (560x420)

P3311439 (560x421)
写真は、風の広場 の設備の説明と現在の風速です。今日は強風で、13.9m/sの表示です。但し、なぜか今日は風車の運転は停止していました。トイレもあります。
Above photos show the explanation panel and the current wind velocity. It said 13.9m/s at that time. However, the turbine was not working today for some reason. There also was a restroom here.

P3311461 (560x420)
次に、磐梯町 にある 道の駅 ばんだい (写真)で昼食です。ここは、広くてきれいなところです.(場所は、地図の☆2です。)
Next I took a lunch at Roadside Station Bandai at Bandai Town. It was spacious, clean, and comfortable. The location was red asterisk 2 in the map.

P3311466 (560x420)

P3311482 (560x420)
道の駅 ばんだい から、約6kmで、猪苗代第四発電所 が右側に見えてきます。出力6500kwの 水力発電所 で、東京電力 のものです。美しい建物で、近代土木遺産 に指定されています。(地図の☆3)
With about 6km ride from Bandai I found Inawashiro Fourth Hydroelectric Power Plant on the right. It was a hydroelectric power plant of 6500kw operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co. The power plant building was old but elegant so that it had been designated as Heritage of Modern Construction. The location was shown as red asterisk 3 in the map.

P3311487 (560x419)
今夜は、喜多方市 山都 にある 公共の宿 の、いいで荘 に泊まります。ここは、温泉ではありませんが、安く、食事も良く、安心して泊まれます。山都 の名物の 山都そば もでます。(地図の☆4)
Tonight I stayed at Iideso Inn which was located at Yamatomachi area of Kitakata City. It was a public inn without hot spring: however the charge was very reasonable, the meal was very good and the stay was very comfortable and refreshing. Yamato Soba which was a specialty of Yamatomachi was served here. The location was shown as red asterick 4 in the map.



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