Falls at Nishinosato Trail and autumn Yukiwaribashi Bridge, Oct. 30, 2016 (西の郷遊歩道 の 滝 と秋の 雪割橋 2016年10月30日)

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Today, I visited Nishinosato Trail at Nishigo Village. The trail goes along the upper stream of the Abukuma River and has many waterfalls. Photo above shows one of them named Kumanosuberidai or "bears' waterslide". I walked around the whole trail and it was about 10km long with steep ups and downs.
本日は、西郷村にある、西の郷遊歩道を訪ねました。遊歩道は、阿武隈川に沿って、滝がいくつかあります。写真は、熊のすべり台 と呼ぶ滝です。遊歩道全体を歩きましたが、登り下り10kmありました。

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Photo above is another waterfall named Hitoyasumino-taki or "Let's get a break falls". Autumn leaves around here were not fully colored, yet you can feel the atmosphere of the season.
写真は、一休みの滝 です。このあたりの紅葉はもう少しですが、秋の雰囲気は十分にでています。

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There is a scenic bridge on the western end of the trail called Yukiwaribashi Bridge, which is over a deep valley along the Abukuma River. Photos above show today's autumn views from the bridge. Maybe it will take a few more days to be fully colored.
遊歩道の西の端に、雪割橋 という人気のスポットがあります。阿武隈川の流れる雪割渓谷にかかっています。写真は、橋から見た本日の景色です。あと数日で、紅葉のピークになります。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20161030西の郷遊歩道と雪割橋 (560x420)

You can play back the route and altitude on the map below.
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