Jorakuen Garden and Nakano Fudoson; special destinations to visit in Fukushima City, Oct. 22, 2016 (福島市 の 浄楽園 と 中野不動尊 を訪ねて 2016年10月22日)

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Today, I visited two of the popular destinations in Fukushima City as a monthly group study for "Omotenashi Guide Fukushima". Jorakuen Garden as shown above is a privately owned Japanese-style garden, which is open to public throughout a year except winter season. A younger brother of the owner designed the garden and has been taking care of it. He has also taken care of Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, which is a world heritage. A structure as you see in the center is a kind of an open tea ceremony stage.

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Photo above shows another view from the garden with the background of Mount Azumakofuji. During winter season, the mountain is snow-capped, and in early spring as snow thaws, mountainside shaped like a white rabbit appears signaling that farming season starts. This rabbit is called "yukiusagi".

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Then we moved to Nakano-Fudoson, which is officially named Taishoji Temple. Photo above shows Dainichido building, a three-layer building which was built about 50 years ago commemorating 800-year anniversary since its foundation. Dainichinyorai Buddha is enshrined inside. A waterfall besides the building is a sacred Fudotaki Fall used for ascetic practices.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20161022浄楽園と中野不動尊 (560x420)

You can play back the route and altitude on the map below. (Up:2.3%, gained elevation: 725m, Distance: 123.6km)
下の地図で、ルート再生や標高を見ることができます。(上り2.3%、獲得標高725m、走行距離 123.6km)

Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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