Parnassia flowers and grand view from Mt. Hitaitori, Sept. 21, 2015 (額取山のウメバチソウと、絶景 2015年9月21日)

Today, I pedaled up to Goreibitsu Pass (837m) and then walked along the mountain trail toward Mt. Taishouhata (1056m) and finally to Mt. Hitaitori or another name Mt. Asaka (1008m).

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150921額取山 (560x420)

P9213515 (560x417)
(Lake Inawashiro from Mt. Taishouhata, Koriyama City, Sept. 21, 2015, 大将旗山からの猪苗代湖、郡山市、2015/9/21)
After I reached Goreibitsu Pass with by bike, I started to walk toward Mt. taishouhata. It was a fine day and I could see a gorgeous view of Lake inawashiro along the trail such as shown above.

P9213538 (560x420)
(Parnassia flowers at Mt. Hitaitori, Koriyama City, Sept. 21, 2015, ウメバチソウ、額取山、郡山市、2015/9/21)
Then I met with this autumn flower called parnassia as shown above. This flower can be seen in several places along the trail from just before the top of Mt. Taishouhata until another top of Mt. Hitaitori. I love this majestic white flower which starts to bloom after most of summer flowers have gone.

P9213539 (560x420)
I also found the last pink flower of a kind of Dianthus as shown above.

P9213557 (560x420)

P9213552 (560x420)
(Lake Inawashiro from Mt. Hitaitori, Koriyama City, Sept. 21, 2015, 額取山からの猪苗代湖、郡山市、2015/9/21)
I want to show you some of the superb views from the top of Mt. Hitaitori above. Lake Inawashiro with gold rice fields of Jokohama district in front and a part of Mt. Bandai in the back are on the views.

P9213567 (560x420)
I could also see the bare Mt. Issaikyo of Azuma Mountain Range in the far north as shown above.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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