Hatoriko-Kogen Heights, Sept. 12, 2015 (羽鳥湖高原、及び藤沼公園、2015年9月12日)

Today I visited Hatoriko-Kogen Heights in Ten-ei Village. On the way, I stopped at Lake Fujinuma in Sukagawa City which had collapsed entirely during the East Japan Earthquake four years ago.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150912羽鳥湖高原 (560x420)

On the way to Hatoriko-Kogen which means Lake Hatori Heights, I stopped at Fujinuma Nature Park. It includes Lake Fujinuma which is an artificial lake mainly for irrigation purpose. This lake had collapsed entirely during the East Japan Earthquake 4 years ago and is under restoration work.

P9123036 (560x420)
Today the lake looked as shown above. It's not a lake and a construction worker said to me it will take another two years to restore as it was before.

P9123038 (560x420)

P9123042 (560x420)
Heading for Ten-ei Village, I had to climb up a hill and pedal over Hosaka Pass. Above sign shows that I have to climb from 410m up to 822m in altitude on National Route 118. Another traffic sign shows that the slope is 12%.

P9123049 (560x419)
Soon after I passed the Hosaka Pass, there came a scenic observatory for Lake Hatori as shown above.

P9123073 (560x420)
Surrounding area had been selected as one of best greens of Fukushima as the stone monument above shows.

P9123075 (560x420)
Then I moved to Hatoriko-Kogen Roadside Station shown above. This is a quite small roadside station but it has some specialties such as delicious fresh apple juice made from local fresh apples.

P9123090 (560x419)

P9123089 (560x420)
After lunch I again climbed up a steep slope toward Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort as shown above.

P9123081 (560x415)
Finally I came back to the pension village where many pension houses stood on the Hatoriko-Kogen heights. Tonight I stayed at one of them called Lemon Tree as shown above. I think my choice was right as the inn was clean and comfortable, bath was very relaxing, and the dinner was delicious.

You can play back the route and altitude on the map below. (Up: 4.4%, gained altitude: 1176m)
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