Marvelous weeping cherry trees along Nicchusen Memorial cycling and pedestrian road, Kitakata City, April 24, 2015 (日中線記念自転車歩行者道の枝垂桜 喜多方市 2015年4月24日)

Today, I visited Nicchusen Memorial cycling and pedestrian road in Kitakata City, Fukushima. There were marvelous weeping cherry trees along the road which extends more than 1km. On the way to the site I could see splendid views of Mt. Bandai and Iide Mountain Range.
本日は、喜多方市 の 日中線記念自転車歩行者道 の 枝垂れ桜 を見に行きました。1km以上にわたり、すばらしい枝垂れ桜でした。行く途中、磐梯山や飯豊連峰のすばらしい景色も見れました。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150424日中線記念自転車道桜 (560x420)

P4240786 (560x420)
(Lake Inawashiro and Mt. Bandai, April 24, 2015, 猪苗代湖 と 磐梯山 志田浜より 2015/4/24)
Above photo is an amazing view of Lake Inawashiro with the background of Mt, Bandai from Shidahama Beach.
P4240796 (560x413)
(Mt. Bandai from Route 49, April 24, 2015, 国道49号 から 磐梯山 2015/4/24)
Above photo is another splendid view of Mt. Bandai from National Route 49.
P4240811 (560x420)
(Iide Moutain Range, April 24, 2015, 飯豊連峰 塩川地区より 2015/4/24)
And above photo is a superb view of Iide Mountain Range from Shiokawa District of Kitakata City.

P4240816 (560x419)
I finally got to the center of Kitakata City and there was JR Kitakata Station as shown above. Look at this! This is a kura building. Kitakata City is famous for its traditional kura buildings. The Nicchusen Memorial cycling and pedestrian road starts at several minute walk from the station.
喜多方市の中心部には、JR喜多方駅があります。蔵の街 喜多方らしく、駅も蔵造りでした。日中線記念自転車歩行者道は、駅から数分あるいた場所から,始まります。

P4240871 (560x420)

P4240881 (560x419)

P4240917 (560x420)

P4240931 (560x419)
(Weeping cherry trees along Nicchusen Memorial road, April 24, 2015, 日中線記念自転車歩行者道の桜 2015/4/24)
Above photos are today's views of marvelous weeping cherry trees along the Nicchusen Memorial cycling and pedestrian road. They were in the peak of full bloom.

P4240941 (560x420)
Today I stayed at Tawaraya Inn near the Nicchusen Memorial road as shown above. This inn offers special discount rate for customers by bicycles. It was a clean and comfortable inn.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2020 
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