【2014年7月13日】 燧ケ岳 の 広沢田代 と 熊沢田代 (July 13, 2014: Hirosawa Tashiro and Kumazawa Tashiro of Mt. Hiuchigatake, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、燧ケ岳 (ひうちがたけ)登山道の途中にある2つの湿原、広沢田代 (たしろ)と、熊沢田代 を訪ねました。尾瀬御池 (みいけ)登山口 まで、路線バスで行き、そこから、往復約10kmの歩きです。
Today I visited two marshes which were Hirosawa Tashiro and Kumazawa Tashiro located on the way to the top of Mt. Hiuchigatake. I took a local bus to Ozemiike starting point for walk. The walk was 10km round trip.

The location and the actual route of walk were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)
20140713広沢田代熊沢田代 (560x420)

P7136292 (560x420)
尾瀬御池登山口 からの登りは、写真のような岩場が8割で、私にとっては、結構きついものでした。なお、燧ケ岳 は、高さ2356mの東北地方で一番高い山です。
The climb from Ozemiike starting point was somewhat hard for me since 80% of the trail was rocky as shown above. Mt. Hiuchigatake was the highest mountain in Tohoku Region Japan.

P7136313 (560x420)

P7136319 (560x420)

P7136373 (560x419)
登り始めて、1時間半ほどで、最初の 広沢田代 に着きます。ここは、標高1750mで、写真のような中層湿原が広がります。池塘 も点在します。池塘 からは、モリアオガエル の鳴き声が、良く聞こえてきました。 (燧ケ岳 広沢田代 2014/7/13)
After one and a half hour of climb I arrived at Hirosawa Tashiro Marsh. Hirosawa Tashiro was located on the altitude of 1750m and the middle stage marsh was extended large as shown above. There were some ponds in between. I could hear the sound of forest green tree frogs from the ponds.

P7136325 (560x420)

P7136344 (560x420)
更に岩場を、1時間程登ると、写真の5合目を通過し、しばらくして、標高1950mの、熊沢田代 に着きます。ここからは、写真のように、燧ケ岳 の山頂が見えてきます。残雪も見えます。 (燧ケ岳 熊沢田代 2014/7/13)
Then after another one hour climb on the rocks I passed the midpoint sign to the top as shown above. Soon after, I arrived at Kumazawa Tashiro marsh the altitude of which was 1950m. Now I could see the top of Mt. Hiuchigatake close with some snows left.

P7136336 (560x420)

P7136342 (560x420)
熊沢田代 も、中層湿原 ですが、標高が高いためか、今までになかった、ヒメシャクナゲ や、チングルマ が見られました。
(燧ケ岳 熊沢田代 ヒメシャクナゲ チングルマ 2014/7/13)
Although Kumazawa Tashiro was also the middle stage marsh I could see some new flowers such as moorwort and avens there maybe thanks to the higher altitude.

P7136388 (560x420)
今夜は、桧枝岐村 の かぎや旅館 に泊まります。ここは、日本秘湯の会 会員宿で、写真の 古代檜 の温泉に入れます。檜の匂いが良くして、快適です。
Tonight I stayed at Kagiya Inn at the center of Hinoemata Village. This inn was a member of Japan Association of Segregated Hot Spring Inns and the inn had a special hot spring bath made of ancient hinoki. I could enjoy the bath with pleasant good odor of hinoki.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2019 
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