【2013年6月8日】 CYCLE AID JAPAN 2013 白河~会津若松ロングコース参加( June 8, 2013: Joined in the bike event of Cycle Aid Japan 2013 from Shirakawa City to Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、東日本復興支援サイクリングイベント の、 CYCLE AID JAPAN 2013 白河~会津若松ロングコース(92km)に参加した。全国から87名が参加。途中、勢至堂峠(640m)とトンネルを通るコースです。
Today I joined in a cycling event called "CYCLE AID JAPAN 2013" for helping East Japan Reconstruction, and pedaled from Shirakawa City to Aizuwakamatsu City the total distance of which was 92km. 87 members joined the event from all over Japan. The course included Seishido Pass (640m) and the Tunnel.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130608白河市から会津若松市へ (561x365)

Several views of the route are shown below.

P6084193 (561x421)

P6084196 (561x421)
まず、上の写真は、小峰城址 のある 城山公園 のスタート地点と、スタート時の来賓挨拶の様子。来賓は、自転車活用推進議員連盟 の衆議院議員の方(写真で挨拶されている方)、白河市長 (その隣に座っている方)、など。
First up, views of starting point at Shiroyama Park which was the Komine Castle site and ceremony of VIP speech were shown in the pictures above. VIPs were a member of the House of Representative who was also a member of the Association of Promoting Bike Application (one who was making a speech in the picture), Mayor of Shirakawa City (one who was sitting beside the former), and etc.

P6084197 (561x421)

P6084200 (561x421)
コース途中の休憩所( 猪苗代湖 の南岸の船津 )の風景と、そこからの猪苗代湖の風景です。
Views of the rest stop on the route (which was the southern Funatsu shore of Inawashiro Lake) and the lake seen from the spot were shown above.

P6084205 (561x421)
次が、猪苗代湖 の西岸からの風景。このイベントは、やはり走ることが主なので、なかなか自転車を止めて、写真をとるのは現実困難でした。しかし、それでも撮ったのがこの写真です。これ以外に、魅力ある自然の風景は、沢山ありました。
The next was the view of Inawashiro Lake from its western shore. The main theme of this event was riding a bicycle thus it was actually not east to stop a bike and take a picture. Nevertheless I took this picture. There were actually many other attractive views of nature on the route.

P6084209 (561x421)
最後が、会津若松市 内のゴールの写真です。
The last picture was a view of the goal point in Aizuwakamatsu City.

P6084211 (561x421)
今夜は、会津若松市内の写真の旅館 田事 (たごと)に泊まる。良い食事が出るため、外食客も多かった。
Tonight I stayed at Tagoto Inn of Aizuwakamatsu City as shown in the picture above. The inn was also clouded with eat out customers because of an excellent meal.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2019 
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